The Beach Boys

I love the Beach Boys. I grew up listening to them and singing their songs with my dad. So when I found out that they were going on a 50th anniversary tour and it was coming to Houston over the summer I was suuuuper ecstatic. Ashley gave me tickets for my birthday and we all got to go together. So much fun!

It was my first time seeing them perform and I was really excited to bring the kids. It was extremely special to me that I got to experience something so nostalgic with them and dance with them to the same music I used to dance to with my own dad. Both kids had a great time. I knew Harrison would be happy because he loves the Beach Boys too, but Harper did fabulous as well even though it was way past her bedtime by the time it was over. It was one of those nights where you just want to freeze the moment heart was so full walking out of that venue.

Now onto the pictures:

Even after FIFTY YEARS they still put on a great show!


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