2012 Christmas Card

Once again, I think I'm too late to join Kelly's blog tour of Christmas cards but I'd thought I'd still share ours anyway even though I'm not linking up. I ordered them through Pear Tree Greetings because I saw them on Groupon and thought they had a ton of cute ones on their website. I ended up buying the voucher and saved 50% and got them for about $0.80 each with really cute green chevron return address labels. I will say that overall I'm really happy with the way they turned out but it was a little cumbersome editing through their website. It definitely doesn't help that I'm completely indecisive and also that I didn't have a group of good Christmas-y pictures to use so I had to decide which others to use that would coordinate and fit in the right slots...let's just say that by the time I clicked "order" it was 2am and I was so OVER it. ha!



Not sure if you can tell from the above pictures that the card is trifold and printed on heavy matte cardstock. Here is a picture I took of it with my phone:

The morning after I ordered them I couldn't remember what I had written in the newsletter section and was kind of worried. Like I said, I was pretty delirious and just wanted to get them done. I told Rick I remembered saying something about us "being grown-ups" and tried to get online to see how bad it was but couldn't get the preview to work so I had to wait until they got here. It was kind of like one of those moments where you wake up from a night of one too many drinks and can't remember the details of a conversation and how far you put your foot in your mouth. Except I had zero drinks so I don't really have an excuse for my cheese. ha!

And just for fun, here are some outtakes of our unsuccessful photo session. We tried begging, bribing, threatening, you name it...I'm now convinced it is physically impossible to get 2 toddlers to cooperate for a picture when you want them to. :)

Okay, Sister. Here's what we're gonna do. Hold out on the smiles until the bribes get REALLY big.

Not a bad idea, Bubba. I like the way you think...

Don't look now, but they are really embarrassing themselves jumping around and acting like fools.

Oh, WOW. You weren't lyin'...

Are you positive we're related to them?

I just realized that they probably plan to embarrass us like this until we move out. We're never going to have friends!!!

I'll give you a hug/choke hold but I will absolutely NOT look at the camera.

Whatever you do, Sis, don't you dare smile. Instead you are to give them nothing but condescending scowls.            

Merry Christmas!


Love the card! Merry Christmas.

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