December Fun

I still need to do a Christmas recap but for now I'll just post about other December happenings. And not at all because I'm too lazy to go get my camera and upload all of the pictures from this week. Not at all.

This has been such a fun month. I've done my best to try not to stress too much this year and I think I've done a decent job of letting the little stuff go and just be with my family and enjoy the time with them. I tried to tuck in some extra little adventures but promised myself not to over-commit or feel guilty about not squeezing it all in. Here's a little of what we've been up to this holiday season:

We took the kids to drive around to look at lights several times and they both LOVED it. We cranked up the Christmas music and I looked over and even Mr. Grinch was belting out the tunes. And seeing your husband sing cheesy carols at the top of his lungs to impress the kids? Pretty darn sexy if I do say so myself. Oh, how I love that man. One night in particular we were singing Frosty the Snowman, and just like every other completely normal person out there, by the end of the song I was seriously jonesing for a frosty from Wendy's. The kids had never had a frosty so of course we were then obligated to take them for one. So off for a special treat we went...but only because of the kids, of course. ;)

My thoughts exactly, son. My thoughts exactly.

I don't know what a snowman is but this frosty is amazing!

(I still laugh every time I think about the fact that I swore I would never have dirty kids. Ha ha ha!)


We headed down to Victoria to see our godson in The Nutcracker and Ashley hosted a little Christmas party while we were down. Always a good time. 


Harrison "sang" at our last BSF meeting. I find it hilarious and completely fitting that he is sitting down on the step refusing to sing or make the "O" for the song Trust and Obey. That's my kid, alright...obedience is definitely something that doesn't come natural to him. Ha!

He also "sang" on stage at church but I'm not going to worry about posting those pictures. Just imagine a sad, snotty little boy with tears running down his face, being held by one of the teachers (because at one point he tried to make a break for it), stretching out his arms in desperation, shouting, "MOMMMMMY!!! MOMMMMA!!! WAAAAA!!!!" So basically a repeat of last year. My poor little guy is such a performer but you get him on a stage and he completely freaks! 


The kids have loved having Chip here. Each day they both ran around looking for him and would get so excited when they found him. Most of the days I just put him in a different spot but a few times I tried to make it a little extra special. I think I may have had more fun with it then they did. :) There are so many good ideas out there and I think as the kids get older it will get even more fun!

Hinting that Mom should make pancakes for breakfast

He propelled down in a pair of Harrison's undies with a message from Santa to celebrate the first week of potty training success
He had a tea party with Buzz and Woody
He indulged in a few miniature powdered sugar and sprinkle donuts

I stole this idea from my friend Brandy and the kids were SUPER excited to love on their elf for a day. Harrison kept talking to him and telling him how much he loved him and Harper pushed him around in her little shopping cart like her baby.


As for December not-so-much fun, we all came down with sickness at one (or for some of us, multiple) point(s) or another this month. Just seems to be tons of it going around this year. But I am thankful for the extra snuggles when my babes aren't feeling so hot.
A nap on momma's chest...brought me back to her newborn days. {sigh}

When it was my turn for The Sickness I was in pretty bad shape. I thought if I barricaded them in the living room with me I could possibly get away with lifelessly lying on the couch trying not to die resting my eyes for a few moments. I'm blaming The Sickness for my lapse in judgment and inability to think rationally because I should have known that my two would never cooperate with this strategy. Ha! Here is the S.O.S. picture I texted to Rick:

Sweet! Mom moved this love seat over here so we could practice our mountain climbing skills!


I got in some great girl time with this sweet lady. We went Christmas shopping and had a fun lunch date at Chick-fil-a. I love it when I get the chance for individual time with my kiddos. The dynamic shifts big time and they love the undivided attention. While Harpie-Harp and I were on our date, Rick and Harrison were getting in some good male bonding as well at "the fish store," also known as Bass Pro Shop, and of course the fine dining establishment ("eating store") of none other than Whataburger. :)

Look, Mom! Balloons! (it's the little things, right?)

One very happy little boy right here


Santa came by our house for a special visit. The kids have had their picture taken with him every year since Harrison was 2 weeks old. Doug...err, I mean Santa, goes to our church and is a genuinely nice man. He starts growing his beard out in the summer and in December he visits kids all over our community and even gives each of them a little toy out of his Santa sack. His wife has been having some health issues so if you feel up to it please lift her up in prayer.

The kids invited a few of their friends over to decorate cookies for Santa and then to have their pictures taken with him. It went well for some and for others...not so much. Ha! But it was great for all of the parents because we have no shame in admitting that the cryers were quite entertaining. Nothing like torturing your kids for a few laughs, right? ;)


Best friends

cookie fun

I have a sneaking suspicion that this little one has some of her momma's ocd tendencies :)

And I have NO doubt that this guy inherited his dad's cookie monster gene!

Now onto the Santa pictures. Harrison was very excited to see him. He was a little shy at first but then warmed up and quickly informed Santa that he'd like a rocket and 2 more guitars....because he's 3 and so he needs 3 guitars. Can't argue with that logic, right?

But Harper...well, she wasn't much of a fan of  jolly ol' St. Nick.

Get. Me. OUT OF HERE!!!!

It's a, it's a, it's super santa and his very unhappy elf!

She's either warming up to him (slightly) or she's trying to poke out his eye

A high five is all she was willing to do

Zion was happy to see Santa

And Hollyn? Not so much!

I love these people. Like, A LOT. 

I'm sure there's more fun that was had, but I don't have any other pics to document it and my memory is pretty much worthless these days. I'm a little blue to see this season go. I'm going to miss my Baby It's Cold Outside duets with Harrison that he insists we sing together And the Rudolph duets where I'm only allowed to sing backup (the "echoes" as he calls it). And hearing him quote Elf all the time in his sweet voice with such adorable inflection...I love you! I love you! I LOOOOVE YOU!!!! Yeah, I'm thinking we're going to have to keep that movie in rotation all year long. :)


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