St. Patty's Day {in June}

Wait, what? You mean to tell me that it's not actually March anymore?

So yeah, I'm 3+ months late, but humor me. Like I said before, I'm determined to get these draft posts wrapped up.

I'm recalling our St. Patty's Day celebrations through pictures because my memory only takes me back a couple of days if I'm lucky. Good thing I took a bajillion photos, right? Apparently St. Patrick's Day is a big deal. :)

I do remember wanting to make all these fun memories with the kids and start some silly traditions because who doesn't want to be known as the fun mom? Well, after the day didn't end quiiiite according to my plans, I'm not so sure I was such a fun mom after all. Ha. Those dang control issues...when am I gonna learn?!

I started the morning off with a green breakfast and some oh-so-tasty Irish cereal. You can't really go wrong with some Lucky Charms deliciousness, especially when they are super duper healthy as noted by the label on the front of the box.

Green eggs for breakfast tacos and green milk. I just couldn't quite bring myself to drink the green milk.

Now, even though Lucky Charms are super-duper healthy, this was Harrison's first exposure to them. Rick and I are sort of sugary-cereal nazis and hide all the good stuff for ourselves and give the youngsters the bland cheerios and wheaties. I'm dreading the day they figure us out.

Judging by this smile and the marshmallow stuck to his chest, I think he liked them.

He comes by this professional form quite honestly.

In an attempt to include some healthy snacks, I also made this rainbow fruit tray. Because what 2 and under-1 year olds don't care about fruit in the shape of a rainbow? I admit, this was really more for me...and the ocd in me had a lot of fun with it.

I also enjoyed eating the chocolate and marshmallows.

Here are my two littles dressed appropriately for the day:

We spent the morning picking strawberries at a local farmer's market and then had a picnic lunch. It was our first time there and we all had a really good time. Next year will be even better because I won't need back surgery at the end of the day ;)

And what do we have here? This looks much better than baby food!

I guess I'll just eat through the bag since these people are taking far too long to feed me.

She's gotten so much bigger in just 3 months!

My crew

Eating his GREEN apple. It's all about the details, people.

It was a nice day and we decided to stop and get snow cones. There is a cupcake bakery next door to the snow cone hut so of course we had to pick up a couple of those to keep things fair. We wouldn't want to contribute to any small business rivalry or anything.




Nothing like washing a little sugar down with some more sugar.

He had a hard time choosing which to stuff in his face. It's a hard life, being a toddler.

This poor Little Miss didn't get to participate in the Sugar Fest of 2012. But she's a sweetie and didn't complain at all.

We got home and Harrison slept off his sugar coma. Harper on the other hand...she didn't feel much like sleeping. Back then she didn't do much of that at all (but has gotten A LOT better lately). But we had a lot of fun playing and being silly so it's okay.

Come get me!

My little pot of gold. Love her to pieces.

For dinner, I had no choice but to make everything green of course! Because once again, my 2 and under-1 year olds reeeeally cared.

Stuffed bell peppers, peas, and lima beans
Harper was quite satisfied with my dinner selections.

Her brother, though? Ummmm, notsomuch.

You want me to eat WHAT?!?!
Life is so unfair!
Cue a battle of the wills, stat!

He has become such a picky eater lately. I don't usually force him to eat anything he doesn't want, but I also don't give him the option of eating anything else if there is a variety to choose from. We do make him at least try a bite of everything before he's allowed to pout and go to bed hungry though. This night was not a very fun dinner for any of us because he wanted no part of even tasting a single thing and instead cried and whined the entire meal. He was acting like a total brat...kind of like a kid that had been doped up on sugar all day or something. He is stubborn, but his momma is, too, and the meal ended by me forcing a bite into his mouth and him subsequently gagging and spitting it out and screaming bloody murder. Not exactly my proudest mom moment. Ha!

At least somebody appreciated my cooking. So did the hubs, so I consider it a success.

We even tried bribing The Toddler with....

wait for it....


I spent far too much time making these cupcakes I saw on Pinterest. Because, you know, my 2 and under-1 year olds really cared. :)

They didn't even turn out as cute as I was expecting. Boo.

But at least they were pretty on the inside. Inner beauty is what counts anyway, right?

The end.


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