Snail mail!

I got my first few Christmas cards in the mail today. I LOVE getting mail. It sounds silly but checking the mailbox is one of my favorite things to do each day. Usually it's just junk mail or medical invoices but every once in a while I get a card or a package and it makes my day. Which is part of the reason I can get myself in trouble shopping on Amazon and eBay, but that's beside the point. Today we got four cards. I love seeing everybody's Christmas cards and I keep them every year to look through when we're putting up the decorations. It's neat to see how people and families change throughout the years. In fact, I was just laughing with Rick about how we were *those* people who used to put our pets on our cards. (No offense to anybody who puts pets on their I said, we were some of the biggest offenders...and now we just plaster our kids' pictures instead, ha :)) One year we even took our pups to have their picture with Santa. You can see our family evolve through the last few years' cards.  Rick, Kelsey & our 4-legged kids in 2008. Rick, Kelsey & newborn Harrison in 2009. Rick, Kelsey, Harrison & Baby #2 in my belly last year. And then all four of us this year. I'm ready to slow down now...there will be no more new kids on our card next year. Or at least that's my plan. I guess we'll see if God approves that plan or not, ha!

Here's our 2011 Christmas card. I just ordered them last night so I'm a little behind:

When I opened up the first card we got in the mail today I asked Harrison who the little boy was in the picture. His first guess was "Hayison" and when I told him to try again he eagerly answered "Baby Jesus?!" Ha ha ha! It was actually Hamilton and his baby sister Abigail. Every night this week we've been playing with his Little People nativity scene and telling the story of Christmas and he is obsessed with Baby Jesus, so I guess that's where that came from. :)

I took him to his 2-year checkup on Friday and found out he has a pretty serious ear infection in his left ear. It's his first issue and I thought we had avoided them all together. He's been acting completely fine and not running any fever so I never would have known, but the doc said it was really bad and is at risk of hearing loss and rupturing his ear drum...I know nothing about ear infections but that does NOT sound good! I had a lot of ear problems as a child so I hope his is isolated and doesn't become problematic. He's on antibiotics and thinks it is some kind of treat when I give it to him. As soon as he gulps it down he's asking me for "mone medicine, bease?" Which cracks me up, because he says "medicine" clear as day but not "more" or "please."

I tried to make up for holding him down while he got shots.

That's okay though, because now that his vocabulary has taken off I'm realizing that his baby talk days are coming to an end faster than I'm ready for. There's just something so endearing about the little words that they come up with on their own and choose to use as substitutes. One of the classic words he's used since he started talking was "goo" instead of "shoe." He had everybody using his toddler slang and I even catch myself using it when he's not even around. And then a few days ago it happened. I told him to come sit down and let me put on his goos, and he responded in all seriousness, "No, Momma. No goos. Shoes. Hayison's shoes." Yep. I got corrected by a toddler. And he's trying to grow up on me. But I think I will continue calling them goos until he moves out...that will show him! ;)

Harper is trying to grow up on me, too. Remember last week when I said she wasn't really interested in rolling or becoming mobile? Yeah, well the very next day she rolled across the entire living room in about 2 minutes. I think she was just showing me who's boss. She really only does it when she wants to, which isn't too often, but she wants everybody to know she can do it. She's also reaching for everything in sight and I catch her holding and chewing on the most random things thanks to her brother. Yesterday he tried to feed her a piece of bacon. She was pretty angry with me when I took it away...but can you really blame her? I would get mad if somebody tried to take bacon away from me, that's for dang sure.

Give me what I want or I will vomit on your carpet. Muhahaha!

What else could I ramble aimlessly about? Oh, I know! Our computer got infected with a virus last night. It started going bonkers on me and then all these error messages kept popping up about fatal internal failures and other fun things like that. Then all of our documents and pictures were completely wiped out. Rick tells me he can fix it and get them back, so I'm trying not to have a total conniption fit just yet. I try to back everything up on the first of every month but of course didn't this month. Another reason I'm glad I try to document as much as I can on the blog. I just don't understand why some people find joy in sabotaging other people's things!


Jocelyn said…
Your Christmas card is SO cute! What great pictures!

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