Change of plans.

As of yesterday, my to-do list for today included the all too familiar frenzy of shopping, wrapping, assembling, packaging, baking, and all the other last minute stuff that procrastinating elves like myself deal with every year on the final days leading up to Christmas. Do you ever feel like you hear God whispering to slow down? I do. Today was one of those days and I certainly heard Him loud and clear.

Funny how all those high priority, *must get done* details of this season that stress us all out can suddenly become very obsolete. I didn't get a single thing on my list accomplished and you know what? I really couldn't care less.

Harper got admitted to the hospital this morning. She is having a hard time kicking this ugly virus. She is doing okay but her oxygen levels keep dipping and her breathing is labored. They want to monitor her overnight and if she improves then hopefully she'll get discharged tomorrow. She's been such a trooper and through all of this she's managed to keep her signature happy demeanor. I think she must know her mama needs to see that beautiful smile of hers.

As I sit here with her lying on my chest my thoughts drift to Mary. I don't think I've ever really considered her point of view before. What went through her mind and weighed on her heart as she cradled her baby in her arms and kissed his little forehead? Did she feel grief and worry and anxiety knowing his safety and protection was completely out of her hands? Her faith and obedience to truly trust God's plan is incredibly inspiring. It's a valuable lesson...or should I say an *invaluable* lesson that I am clinging to right now. As a good friend prayed for me today, God loves our children infinitely more than we could ever love them. He's in control. I'm choosing to trust, and the peace that follows that trust sure feels good.

Here is Harper, apparently pretty excited about having her blood pressure checked. Boy do I love this little girl!


Anonymous said…
she is a trooper... give her a hug from mamaw and brother. he misses her..woke up for momma and dadda.. doing ok now.. see you soon. love to all
Tracye said…
I sure love that smile!

So glad you're both home now. Still thinking of and praying for you all.

Love you all!
Oh Kelsey, I'm so sorry to hear this! Harper is SUCH a little doll..praying she is much better by now. Merry Christmas to you & your sweet family! :)

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