Christmas 2011

I'm Dreaming of a Healthy Christmas. That's the song we've been singing around here this holiday season.

I'm behind in blogging due to the unfortunate demise of my computer. Oh, and the fact that we had 4 doctor visits and one hospitalization all during the week before Christmas just might have tied up a little of my time and energy as well. But I'm very happy to report that both kids are doing much better (Harrison had an ear infection and Harper had bronchiolitis/RSV) and my computer is also on its way to a miraculous recovery (or at least that's what I'm being told by The Hubster).

Even with all of the sickness I've got to say that this has been my favorite Christmas. Both kids are at such fun ages to experience all of the holiday splendor. Harper loved all of the attention from everybody and ripping open her presents and looked so excited to get new toys -- it was like she knew she finally had toys of her very own. Harrison thoroughly enjoyed learning all there is to learn about Christmas -- from Baby Jesus and the story of his birth, to Santa Claus, to all of the Christmas lights and decorations, and of course cookies galore and the decorating of gingerbread houses and opening all of his "Hayison's pwesents". Usually by the time Christmas is over I'm relieved to see it go...but this year I've got to say I'm a little blue about its passing. Maybe I'll go white trash on everybody and just leave up my Christmas decorations for a few more months. Ha!

This is going to be one mack daddy of a picture dump. I considered breaking this into two posts but I'm afraid if I do that than it will be a couple more weeks or months or never before part 2 gets posted. So I'm committing to finishing it all tonight...which makes you the lucky recipient of The Longest Post Ever. It's like a belated Christmas present from me to you! You're welcome in advance. :)

First up is our annual Christmas party that Donna hosted this year. I really didn't get very many pictures of the festivities other than a few of the kids:

I'm pretty sure she's nearing Joel's weight.

I'm also pretty sure Allen has no clue how filthy little boys' hands are.

There's my sweet innocent girl going in for the steal.


We were later than usual getting our tree up. I wanted to wait until after Harrison's birthday party for space reasons.

Daddy's little helper...complete with a hard hat and no clothes.

And a few days later, finally making the finishing touches.

We had Christmas with Rick's side of the family the weekend before Christmas. It was also Granny's 80th birthday party and it was fun celebrating her and meeting some family that we'd never met before.

Harper and Great Uncle Wade

Sweet Granny

Cousin Misty and Harper

This picture makes me smile :)

And let the chaos begin...

Christian, trying to get all grown up on me.

More family

Nice hat...not OSU nice, but nice enough.

Harper and (tired) Momma

Digging in!

Excited about what he got but keeping an eye on everybody else's loot at the same time.

A present...for me? You mean my very own?!

Cavan on the guitar
And Christian on the accordion!

Fast forward through a miserable week of sick babies and doctor offices and an overnight hospital stay and we get to Christmas Eve. I saw a cute idea on Pinterest to make pancakes using cookie cutters and I thought it would be a fun little thing to do for breakfast. Except it didn't really work out the way I was hoping. Turns out the pin was for special pancake molds and wasn't actually for using cookie cutters. No wonder I had such a hard time...oops.

Poor Gingerbread Man.

This one turned out almost decent if you don't mind crispy pancakes...

Until you turned that bad boy over. Not looking so much like a tree on this side.

I did get one good one at least.

Harrison didn't seem to mind the misshapen pancakes. When there is bacon involved he is one excited little boy. What can I say? We are bacon lovers in this family.

Say "Bacon!"



We went to the Christmas Eve service at our church. We kept Harper with us instead of putting her in the nursery since she had been sick. She lasted about one song before Rick had to take her out. But thankfully after a few swings in the carrier she was fast asleep.

We had finger foods for dinner. These santa hat brownies were another Pinterest inspiration. (but I guess you don't really call it an "inspiration" if you just copy it exactly. ha!)

Hunter and Harrison

Beda trying to steal a hug

My grandparents

All this yummy food and I get PEAS?!

After dinner we had our gift exchange. We've been drawing names for the last few years and I love doing that. We also do a White Elephant which is always a lot of fun.

Licking Justin Bieber...oh dear.

One of the few moments her brother isn't trying to shove her out of the way so he can play with her table.

Christmas morning the kids woke up to find what Santa left them.

You mean there's pwesents in this boot? Suh-weet!

Harper got her very own chair to match the one her brother has...yet he finds hers to be much more exciting.

Santa's elf sure was pretty busy hunting down antique kids' chairs and repainting and distressing them in her "spare" time.

excuse me while I go cry at the sight of my baby girl sitting in a big girl chair.

And his elf may have gotten a little carried away with the shopping. Ahem.

But the North Pole was having a great clearance sale! She really HAD to buy them!

Our pastor gave us a great idea to start a tradition several years ago to wrap a bible in plain brown paper, and then open it before any other gifts and read the story of Christ's birth. Thanks to Harrison's Little People nativity he can actually identify and name everybody and we acted it out with the set as Rick read it out loud. And that was probably my favorite moment of the's fun to see them excited about toys but it's so much more special to see them excited about Jesus!

Love this picture.

She knew exactly what to do with this stocking stuffer...

Finally...a glove he can wear on the right hand. Looks like he's gonna be a lefty like Momma!

After we opened presents we enjoyed breakfast. And when I say "enjoyed" I mean "devoured" because I made cinnamon rolls from scratch. A big fat thank you to Pioneer Woman! And when I say "big fat" I mean "big fat" because there is no way we consumed under 56,893 calories of buttery deliciousness.

Why yes I do believe I'll take one or two or twenty of those!

No time for pictures, Mom!

Poor Harper didn't get to participate in the cinnamon roll festivities. But she did find her new shoes quite nommable.

Mom & Tim hosted Christmas dinner at their house. More delicious calories were consumed and we all just hung out and enjoyed the family time that we only get 1 or 2 times a year.

"Hayison up high!" Well, kind of. If you consider 4'11" high :)

Sweet eskimo cousin kisses

Gingerbread fun

Beda and The Harpster

Like I said way, way, wayyyy up there in the beginning, this is going down in the books as my favorite Christmas as of yet! I am truly blessed.

Christmas 2011


Jocelyn said…
Great post... great pictures! Merry (belated) Christmas! It looks like H&H had a lot of fun!
Anonymous said…
great pics...glad we had time with my babies...big and small... had a wonderful christmas also..miss all of you and will see you soon. love mamaw and papaw

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