Wordless Wednesday


Tracye said…

I see your hiney... so bright and shiney... it makes me giggle... to see it wiggle!!!

Anonymous said…
I'm sure that he will love you forever for this. I somehow see this showing up on a college application.

Anonymous said…
he loves the tree.. so cute.. bamaw
bwhahahaha oh my goodness loooove that little hiney pic. that is just the best. :) Thanks for joining my google friend connect. :) love your cute blog. i'll follow along too.
OMG! I love this...but one day, he's going to totally going to hate you for it! Please let me know where you got this if you don't mind? My husband totally has wanted butt-flap pjs for our kids since my son was an itty bitty baby. He actually wants us to do a Christmas card pic of us all in them one year! Thanks!

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