14 Weeks

14 week belly shot

Pregnancy Highlights:

How Far Along: 14 weeks

Size of baby: Chicklet is about 3 1/2 inches from crown to rump, or roughly the size of a clenched fist.

Total Weight Gain/Loss: About 3 lbs.

Maternity Clothes: Ugh. My wardrobe is pretty depressing these days. I have very few non-maternity items that look decent and most of my maternity wardrobe is dressy and summery since I was working the first time and was pregnant in the opposite season. I hang out in PJs and sweats most days!

Gender: We find out on Dec. 22. I'm on pins and needles! Can't wait to learn if Harrison will have a baby brother or sister.

Movement: I thought it was way too early to be feeling movement since I didn't feel Harrison until Week 16, but I definitely am. Started feeling the baby move around 12 weeks and have felt it every day since. Love it!

Sleep: The insomnia is getting better, but since we weaned Harrison off of the bottle he's been waking us up a few times every night. I guess he's just making sure we don't get rusty before the new baby gets here. ;)

What I miss:  Food. Energy. Sleeping on my belly. An occasional glass of wine.

Cravings: Orange juice and orange juice floats (try it - seriously yummy! Tastes like a creamsicle). Still not craving much food since I'm still feeling sick and for some reason I have a huge aversion to water. So strange because I normally drink tons of it.

Symptoms: The usual...nausea, vomiting, gagging brought on by my hound dog sense of smell, exhaustion etc.  <----still all applies, unfortunately.

Best Moment this week: Seeing Chicklet on the ultrasound and hearing the heartbeat!


Anonymous said…
that is so sweet. hope harrison has a sister... too many mean boys in this family...ha ha love ya all mary

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