Baking Cookies {time, slow down}

I was cleaning out our office and found the flash drive that had this video on it. I finally copied it onto my computer and then spent 10 minutes fighting back the ugly cry 😭 

This was from a photo shoot last August with Forever in the Moment Photography. I knew I wanted updated pictures of the kids but also knew there was no way Hadley would sit still long enough to pose (or her brother, ahem). I think this "lifestyle" shoot is my favorite session ever! It really captures their personalities and the fact that we didn't have any forced shots was so much less stressful than our typical family photo sessions. 

Lulu is just the cutest toddler ever around minute 7-8 when she has a bit of a meltdown when it's time to put the cookies in the oven. Life sure is hard when you're not even 2. Those chubby little bare feet standing there waiting for the cookies to finish baking and then the chubby little hand touching the glass in anticipation sure do get me good. 

Here are a few more pictures Tara caught of the kids just being kids and doing their thing after our cookies were done and devoured.

Sweet kids of mine, you really need to listen to the wise words on Harper's shirt.


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