Tuesday, July 26, 2016

8 Months

Hadley turned 8 months old on July 3.

She weighs 20 lbs, 3 oz. and is 26 1/2 inches long.

She wears size 12 months in clothes.

We had to graduate her to a size 4 diaper this month. Home girl has a little junk in her trunk!

So, Hadley, what have you been up to this month?

I have to start off with this. Because it is HUGE.  Hopefully these will be the last of the puke pictures...BECAUSE YOU OUTGREW YOUR REFLUX THIS MONTH!!! Hallelujah!! It was almost overnight. You went from projectiling countless times an hour to just normal dribbles of spit up a few times a day. I have been waiting for this day for months and I am one HAPPY momma (who smells a lot better and has much less laundry and mopping to worry about!!).

She was just trying to give a little back

You wanted the couch cushion to smell like vomit, right?

You also started taking naps in your crib this month. I'm sure most babies sleep in their cribs long before 8 months, but between your reflux which didn't allow for lying you down flat and our hectic schedule when the kids were in school and then followed by lots of traveling, you got most of your naps in your car seat, strapped onto me in your carrier, or in your stroller. When we happened to be home, you usually napped in my arms because you are my last baby and I'm a sucker for your sweet snuggles. But you've decided you're done cuddling during the day. You don't like to be rocked to sleep until nighttime. And you also stopped napping on the go. So this month we had to do a little sleep training. It was rocky at first. I am not good with letting babies cry. At first, I would spend 30 minutes just trying to get you to sleep and then you would only nap for 20 minutes. But it was in your crib so I was happy. Now you're going to sleep much easier and stretching them out a little and there have been a few occasions where you've gone right to sleep without fussing at all.

thankfully Momma still gets her nighttime snuggles. If only you could smell the deliciousness of this freshly bathed sweetie through the screen...

You went on your first plane trip...and internationally at that. I didn't leave the country for the first time until I got married at 23 and you got your first passport at 3 months. Ha! Your daddy and I love to travel when we have the chance and even though it's a LOT more work, we really do enjoy family vacations with our little rugrats. You were a dream baby on vacation. On the flight there you looked out the window as we took off and then peacefully drifted off to sleep. And on the flight back you were asleep before we even departed. You LOVED the beach and ate what I'm afraid probably added up to a gallon of sand. You were such a go-with-the-flow baby and napped poolside or under the palapa at the beach. We joked because you have always loved your white noise and in Mexico you had real-life ocean waves to keep you happy and content. This vacation provided memories with you that I will hold dear in my heart forever!

waiting to take off
nothing like a little poolside slumber

I mean, come on!! I die.

You and your tongue. You have been sticking it out ever since you were first born. Such a little goofball! It's adorable and endearing, but I do hope you grow out of this before you start school. Ha!


our little puppy dog

You are eating more and more solid food and are less interested in nursing. You don't like to sit and nurse for long because you're so afraid to miss out on any action. Right now you are nursing every 4 hours but only for about 4 minutes max each time. You are eating 2-3 solid meals and I just introduced the sippy cup to you.

food goatee

why yes, I DID want carrots spit all over me ;)

you also like eating your toes!

You love to explore and are into EVERYTHING. You keep me up and moving constantly. You have already had 3 bloody lips and a black eye because you don't like to stay on all fours and you are fearless and clearly accident prone. You pull up on everything and have even begun to climb. You are your brother made over with all of your curiosity and energy and I am one exhausted mama!

hmmm...this gas valve looks like fun to play with
Look, Mom! I broke the fireplace!
"helping" with the laundry :)

your spot so I can get in a 5 minute shower

What else? You "talk" and babble all the time and giggle hard at the bigs -- they sure know how to crack you up. You learned to wave this month. You started favoring a few lovies and especially love to find their tags. You are a total Momma's girl. You are such a happy baby and smile with your whole face and I just LOVE it!

Hi, Mommy! 

my little companion...how I love these itty bitty hands climbing up my legs all the time

Oh, Hadley. You are a doll and I sure am treasuring every single one of these days of your babyhood. We love you BIG!


Jocelyn said...

First, OMG... how is she already 8 months old?!? Time is flying by!
Second, you have the CUTEST babies! All three of your kids are just gorgeous.
Third, I love this update. Hadley is so adorable, and 8 months is such a great age.

Tienna said...

Oh Hadley-Poo, I'm so glad we got to meet you and fall in love with you!! You're precious!!

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