Day 3 - Hot Springs & Little Rock

Monday was our last day in Hot Springs. It was finally a sunny day so we ventured out to explore the historic downtown and do a little sightseeing and hiking.

It was a pretty steep drive up to this viewing tower. Harrison was already getting anxious in the van before we even got to the tower, so we didn't have high hopes of getting him inside. It took him a while to figure out that even though we were on a mountain the ground was still the same under his feet even though we were at a higher elevation. He said he was dizzy and kept wanting to lie down and hug the ground. He flipped out when we mentioned the viewing tower and he saw all the stairs, but when we told him there was an elevator he was fine with that. And when we got to the top he wasn't scared at all. So weird!!

I could die from the cuteness

Next, we explored downtown. It was really neat. We went into one of the old bath houses and then walked through a park that had some natural hot springs. We found a few walking trails and hiked a little.

Harper was in awe that people traveled far and wide to come bathe and shower in this creepy place. Haha.

steaming fountain

Harrison had a ball. He was running and jumping and climbing all over the place. It brought back memories from my childhood. I grew up out in the country and practically lived outdoors. There was a creek about a 1/4 mile from our house that I hiked along all the time and loved it.

Hadley was a trooper. She even took a little catnap while we were walking on the trails.

Poor Harper wasn't a huge fan of hiking. Bless her heart. Her feet are still so tiny and she didn't have good footing. She tripped a lot and was complaining before we were even out of sight of the trail entrance.

 But once I told her the secret was all in a good walking stick and we found her just the perfect one, she was in a much better mood :)

And then of course the walking sticks became swords.

Rick got a taste of what it's like for girls in the woods when nature calls. I was nursing Hadley and Harper couldn't hold it so he got to help make sure she didn't pee all over her pants and shoes. :) He's such a great daddy.

After Haddie was done eating it was definitely time to turn her facing outward. Because puke in the cleavage is what I'm sure to be one of the grossest feelings ever.

my happy girlies

We made our way back down the mountain (hill?) and found a highly recommended restaurant per Yelp called Rolando's. It did not disappoint. Here was their flaming cheese dip. Y-U-M.

We weren't sure how eating in a restaurant was going to go with Hadley since we didn't have her carrier and she was still too little for a high chair. But she was a doll. Fell asleep in my arms and then napped right beside me on the booth.

After lunch we went into a few shops downtown before heading back to the van. We then headed toward Little Rock for the night. It was only an hour drive and we thought it would help give us a head start toward Missouri the next morning. We had to stop to feed Hadley along the way and she did her business in the parking lot. I don't know why I always take pictures of this...her grin just cracks me up. It's like she's so proud.

We made it to Little Rock just in time for rush hour. Which wasn't bad at all compared to Houston. We checked into the hotel and lugged all of our crap to our room and then headed to the pool. The kids were so excited to swim!

Harper wanted to help get Hadley dressed. Such a good big sister.

This was her first time swimming and she loved it.

wait a second...this is LIKE a bath...but it's not hot. Hmmm.

We found a Taco Bueno for dinner and I got my fix. Sadly, Bunny (Harper's beloved stuffed rabbit) fell out in the parking lot here and was left behind without us realizing it until the next day. RIP, Bunny.

And more proof that vacation with kids is not a vacation from real life:

2 loads of laundry by Day 3...story of my life

By Day 3 I already needed to wash laundry because Hadley had gone through 26 bibs. I'm not even kidding. I actually counted them as I put them in the washer. Of course I packed all of the bibs she owns but I knew they wouldn't get her through the rest of our trip and I knew our cabin we were headed to didn't have a laundry facility. Definitely not a vacation but it oddly felt nice to wash a couple of loads of clothes. What has happened to me?!?!


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