5 Months

Hadley turned 5 months old back on April 3rd! (I'm always behind posting but at least I started this post and took her picture on the right day? That has to count for something!)

At 5 months, she weighed 16 lbs., 13 oz. and measured 26 inches long.

She is wearing mostly 6-9 month clothes and a size 3 diaper.

So, Hadley, what have you been up to this month?

I have to lead with this. Because so much cuteness. This is the first thing your brother wants to do when he gets home from school. You adore him and your big sis. Watching the 3 of you engage and entertain each other makes my heart all warm and gooey.

You became mobile over the last month. I was so not ready for this...you were supposed to give me more than just 4 months to prepare! Your older siblings didn't start getting around anywhere close to this early and neither did Elby. You aren't even fully sitting up yet, but you are scooting all over the place like a little inchworm. You are eager to catch up with the big kids, I guess! No more setting you down on a blanket to get things done around here, that's for sure.


why do they keep putting me back on the blanket???

Sleep has been an issue for us this month. A few people mentioned something about the dreaded 4-month sleep regression. I knew nothing about such a thing because the older two never slept well from day one, but I googled it and apparently it's a real thing and we are there. You went from sleeping great through the night since you were 2 weeks old to waking up several times now. Part of the problem is you outgrew the rock and play and we've had to transition you to your crib. Which quickly turned into the pack and play in our room when you kept waking your sister up. :/ You also stopped snoozing soundly off and on during the day and we have struggled to settle more into a nap routine. It's been challenging since we can't just stick around the house all day. Your reflux has contributed to the sleep issues as well...as soon as I lay you down in your crib you flip over onto your tummy and then spit up and rub your face in it and get angry. You outgrew your swing so the only other inclined place to nap is your car seat, so you are either going to have to stop puking so much or learn to aim away from where you want to rest your sweet face :)

hey mom...I think I'll try to twist myself right out of this think and fall on my head, ok?

baby crunches...your abs are stronger than mine
Your reflux. Ugh. Copious amounts of spit up all over our house, all day long, every day. I think you even have your brother beat, which is pretty astounding. You think it's pretty hilarious, too.

Hadley's "footprints"

You are nursing about every 3 hours or so. You HATE being covered, so that makes things interesting in public. You have taken a couple of bottles from your dad and grandma, but you are most definitely a momma's girl and when you are tired and upset I'm the only one you want. When you are overly tired you go from happy and smiling to shrieking and wailing at the flip of a switch. It's quite impressive.

What else? You sat in your first high chair at a restaurant (but still haven't gotten to try food yet.) We got out your jumperoo and you love it. You took your first nap in your crib. You learned how to blow raspberries and find it very entertaining. You laugh hysterically at your big sibs. You are a Boyd child and are already a fan of the tv. You chew on everything. You love swinging at the park and smile from ear to ear. You are such a happy baby 95% of the time!

Hadley Hoo, we love you!!!


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