Day 2 - Hot Springs

We went to bed late but woke up early thanks to a certain cheerful early bird. It's hard to be grumpy in the mornings when she's singing "You are My Sunshine" in your ear in the sweetest voice ever. Love that girl so much.

We headed down for our free "hot" breakfast and it was pretty disappointing...or at least to the adults. Harrison was very happy with his giant waffle and Harper was content eating dry cereal and they went on and on about how delicious hotel food is. Not sure what that says about my cooking but I'm pretty sure it says more about their poor taste. ;)

And my breakfast was promptly interrupted by an Emergency Situation. Further proof that a vacation with kids is so not a vacation.

After Hadley and I had wardrobe changes, we headed out for the day. The next surprise was for a little boy who just might like a movie series called Star Wars. Just might. I was so excited to stumble across this little place when I was planning our itinerary.

you can bet there were special AT-AT sound effects going on in this photo

Posing with a scout trooper or storm trooper (or snow trooper?)...he judges me that I can't tell the difference. 

kind of creepy in person, he was.

Harrison & Harrison
this section was his happy place...there was a wall of blasters and helmets to choose from

Here is the blaster that he picked out for his dad. lol.

he even made sure to give one to his baby sister

my little Luke & Leia
I fed Hadley in the van and she promptly barfed in her usual fashion...but her daddy wasn't fast enough and it projectiled all over the floorboard. She thought it was pretty funny. So disgusting but equally adorable.

We had lunch at a fun little diner called The Purple Cow. And then we were off to our next adventure -- the Mid-America Science Museum. Harrison baffled us because he has an irrational fear of heights, and yet he didn't think twice about running and jumping on this 5-story net and rope bridge. Well, maybe he did think a few times about it at first, but he was brave and carried on. This is the same kid who just a week or two earlier freaked completely out on a 12-foot balcony and was practically hyperventilating begging me to carry him. So doesn't make any sense. Whatever, kid!

I try to love science and children's museums. Really, I do. But they stress me out. The kids want to run in complete opposite directions. I hate crowds. And...ALL. THE. GERMS. Enough said. But I tried to put on my happy face and embrace it and then relentlessly annoyed everyone in my family with gobs of hand sanitizer.

Poor Harrison. His dad got him good. Told him to put his hands on the sensors and then reassured him that nothing bad would happen. Then BAM. Practically electrocuted him according to Harrison's account. There were lots of tears and the beginning of a foundation of major distrust.  You LIED to me. You said it wouldn't shock me but then you shocked me and then you LAUGHED about it!!! I'm sure we will pay big bucks in therapy for this memory.

After the museum we grabbed some dinner at Newk's (the best mac & cheese I've ever tasted) and then walked next door for some frozen yogurt. By this point it was probably 5 or 6 and we were all exhausted. We went back to the hotel and got everybody showered and then just hung out and watched tv before bed. Let me just add that finding a family-friendly show was not an easy feat. They had limited channels so I parked it on Family Feud thinking it would be appropriate. And thanks to that judgment call, my son heard the word "masturbate" for the first time. Niiiiice.


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