Christmas Eve

I'm attempting to catch up the blog once again. Here is how we celebrated Christmas Eve 2015. Or at least what I took pictures of.

As usual, we went to the Christmas Eve service at our church. My grandparents came with us and since Harrison isn't in PeeWees anymore and they don't have Creek Kids on Christmas Eve, he was excited to go into the service with us. Of course this also made Harper want to go as well, so our row was quite "lively". They actually did really well. Hadley didn't sleep through it but she wasn't fussy. And to the shock and disbelief of his dad and me, Harrison fell asleep during one of the ending songs. This is a kid who NEVER falls asleep outside of his bed or rarely his car seat. Much less during loud music. He was one tired boy for sure.

Our friend Hamilton was Joseph at the live nativity. He did a great job! The kids were excited to see him there.

After church, we went back to Mom & Tim's house for dinner. My little brother was there so she's now met 1 of her 2 uncles. He looks so awkward holding a baby, ha!

Harrison cooperated when I asked him to smile...because I told him he couldn't open any gifts until I got a nice one ;)

The kids opened up some of their gifts but we waited until Christmas Day for the adult exchange since Tim had to work Christmas Eve. And then we just hung out for a little bit until it was time to come home and get ready for Santa.

can't believe this boy is 15

GG & Papa

Mom & Uncle Steve

the pink teepee was a hit!

roughhousing with his Uncle Connor
We came home and got ready for bed. The kids were so excited about Santa coming and remembered hearing footsteps on the roof and jingle bells last year. They were giddy with anticipation. We went outside to scatter the reindeer food on the ground and I looked up and saw this:

This goofball is constantly cracking me up

Hadley left a little gift for the reindeer as well:

We came back inside and read the bible passage about Jesus' birth and then 'Twas the Night Before Christmas.

I love how Harper has her hand on her sister's head

The big kids wrote Santa letters. I laughed when I read Harrison's. He felt it necessary to remind Santa twice in one sentence that he was good this year. Sort of a last minute convincing, I suppose.

I love seeing how he spells things out on his own. It says, "Dear Santa, I'm proud that I was so good this year because I was just good this year which was awesome!" His list was completely random and aside from #1, I had never before heard him talk about the other items. 1. a bike, 2. a dog house for Hogan (his stuffed animal), 3. a scout trooper, 4. a speeder bike, 5. a satellite that is going on the dog house., 6. a real speeder bike.

Harper drew a picture for Santa and then drew out a list for him.

And then Santa came. He went a little overboard. I think he forgot how much he had accumulated over the year. But the majority of it was practical stuff that they needed anyway. My Uncle Mitch and Aunt Yong sent the kids a 6ft stocking to leave out for them as well. They scored big.

I got up to get a drink of water and took this next picture. The kids were thrilled to find it on my phone ;)


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