Baseball & Karate

We are going WAY back here. This was back in early September, if I'm not mistaken. Rick scored us free club level tickets to see the Astros. We are huge Astros fans but I hadn't been to a game in a couple of years. The kids were really excited and I didn't want to miss out, so I dragged my miserable butt along. It's weird to think back to The Pregnant Days. Even though it wasn't really that long ago, it feels like a lifetime. I am soooooooooooooo thankful to be feeling normal again and not nauseated every waking (and sleeping) moment.

The kids and hubster enjoyed scarfing down hot dogs and popcorn and nachos and cotton candy while I breathed through my mouth to avoid all the lovely smells.

Harper was so cute with her pom poms. Or at least for the first 5 minutes. Then I quickly regretted bringing them along. The kids started fighting over them. Then Harrison knocked over Rick's beer and dropped the pom poms in them...which we didn't realize until she picked them up and flung disgusting beer juice all over everyone in the crowd. :/ Everyone was looking up at the roof to see what was dripping on them while I quickly stashed the incriminating evidence. My crew is always keeping things interesting. lol.

On Friday nights, they always have a big fireworks show after the game. We were very tempted to call it quits and leave before the game was over since it was way past bedtime, but I'm so glad we decided to stick it out. It happened to be Force Friday, which if you don't know (that's anybody wouldn't know), was the day The Force Awakens merchandise came out. All the stores were decked out with Star Wars stuff and the Astros celebrated, too. When they announced that the entire fireworks show was Star Wars themed, I wish I would have had a video of a certain little boy's reaction. I spent more time watching his ecstatic face than I did watching the fireworks.  It was the perfect ending to a good night.


I'm not sure if I've mentioned that Harrison is in karate. He begged us to sign him up for a long time but we had our reservations. I'm pretty sure he had no idea what it actually was and instead thought it was ninja training and he'd be fighting bad guys with cool weapons. I'm really glad we ended up signing him up over the summer, though. He has learned so much self discipline. Here are pictures from his first graduation back in the fall. He's now advanced another belt since this and just received his application for another advancement in April. 

ready for his yellow stripe belt!

Performing for the crowd

bowing to each other before I gave him his new belt

Just try to mess with me...

my boys

so proud of him

being silly

with Mr. Sean

Mom, just TRY to put me in a headlock!


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