Naming Baby

We finally picked a name for the baby. Although the kids are perfectly content calling her by her endearing nicknames. Harper likes to call her Nugget and Harrison always refers to her as Bah-Baby. Why he calls her that, I have no idea, but it's what he chose for her and he's quite persistent.

When we first started talking about names we discussed whether we should continue the "H" trend or do something different. I never really wanted to have "matchy" names but since we did it with the first two we were worried she would feel left out if she had something different. So we decided to commit to the letter H again. Which narrowed down our list considerably :)

The kids had some great suggestions. Harrison wanted Han Solo. Of course he did. Then he threw out Harah, as in Harah-son. Harper wanted Hello Kitty at first, but then decided she wanted a flower name. She's pretty obsessed with flowers and talks about her detailed plans for a flower garden daily. So Hibiscus was mentioned. All great contenders, right? Ha!

In the end, I let Rick choose his favorite. I had Harper's name picked out before we were even married, and he was a great sport and agreed to it with no issue. So it was only fair that he got the naming rights for baby girl #2.

So, what is Nugget's official name?

Hadley Claire.

Both names have special meaning. We actually picked her middle name first. When I was at my sickest, alternating between the hospital and home in bed, we came across Claire in a baby name book and when I saw that it means "clear & bright" I knew it was perfect. Because this sweet baby has been the bright light at the end of my very long and dark tunnel for the last 8 months.

Hadley has always been at the top of Rick's list. It took me longer to get on board. I love the name, I was just worried about it being too trendy. When I first chose Harper, I only knew of two others with that name. The author, Harper Lee, and a boy I went to school with. When she came along in 2011 I had heard it a little more, but it was still pretty uncommon and unique. But now I see it everywhere and I think it's now even on the top 10 for most popular baby names. Boo! But even if that ends up happening with Hadley as well, it's still the perfect name for this little one. Like her sister's, it also has a literary reference (Ernest Hemingway's wife's name). And it's meaning is "field of heather." So Harper got her flower name after all :)  I also love that it's also a surname like our other two.

We got to see the first glimpse of our Hadley Claire on Monday when we had a 4D ultrasound done. We did this with Harrison but never got to with Harper since I was already on hospital bed rest by this point in my pregnancy with her. Since this is my last pregnancy we thought it would be fun to do it again and something the kids would enjoy participating in.

According to the tech, she was a tricky one to get good pictures of. My placenta is anterior and not only did she have her face nuzzled into it, she also had her legs criss crossed and had both of her feet blocking her head as well. Apparently she's quite flexible.

her little footsy...she kept sucking on her toes

She didn't want to show us her face and kept burying it in my placenta

She actually made this scrunched up pouty face when the tech kept pushing on my belly trying to make her move. Love it!

But then we got a pretty clear shot. She looks like her daddy if you ask me.

baby yawn! I mean, come on. How adorable is this??

I've stared at these pictures about 3,565 times in the last 2 days

We are excited to meet our sweet Hadley Claire. Until then, I am trying not to take for granted these last few weeks of my last pregnancy.  Even though I'm still sick I am so grateful for this journey and experience and love all of her hiccups, nudges, somersaults, and Chuck Norris Kung Fu moves.


Jocelyn said…
I love her name! And of course, with my daughter being Hannah Claire, I'm quite partial to her middle name.

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