We went to the pumpkin patch this morning.

And I'm actually blogging about it in the same season. It's a miracle!


I wondered if our kiddos were getting too old to enjoy the pumpkin patch. I was wrong. They loved it! This was the easiest year to get pictures, too. In fact, they ran up to the photo props and asked for me to take pictures. It's been months since I've gotten out my fancy camera and I need to be better at that because they are at such good ages for snapping photos.

Rick met us there and they were thrilled to see their daddy.

Ok Mom, take my picture!

so Harrison

my babies

Look, Mom! Squirrel! (literally)

She is always giving us kisses. Such a sweet girl.
and he is always wiping them off :)

Harrison took this picture all by himself

Harper's turn. Very "artistic" :)

I'm pretty sure she's worn these cat ears every single day since she begged me to buy them for her.

These freckles. This boy!



Jocelyn said…
I love Harper's dress! Where did you get it?

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