Soccer & Ballet

Soccer and ballet ended last month way back in May. (I'm slightly behind on getting these drafts wrapped up.)

Harrison missed half of his season due to his broken arm...but I can't really say he was sad about it. He was super stoked before soccer started but once he realized it meant running around, and heaven forbid, sweating, his interest waned very quickly. Did I mention that it was 70 degrees outside?? That kid has a streak of laziness in him fo' sho'.

Exhibit A:

2 minutes into the game, during an active play no less, he asked to switch places with the kid on the bench.


But lucky for him, I was one of the team moms and therefore responsible for helping with the end-of-season celebration. So the kid got to literally have his cake and eat it too. He got out of having to participate in the games yet still got to participate in the cupcake and trophy festivities.

getting his trophy from Coach Brent

Go Dragons!

He was very proud of his trophy

He used his splint to buckle it up for "safety"
We explained to him that this was a participation trophy since they are preschoolers, but that when he got older he would have to work hard to earn it. He thought that was the coolest fact ever and told everyone we crossed paths with that day about how the trophy system works. "When I get older I'll have to win a lot."

I made the cupcakes so he could actually eat one of them (he can't have cupcakes from bakeries because of his nut allergy) and then the little punk had the nerve to tell me that real grass doesn't bend over like that. He had no issue inhaling my inferior cupcakes, though. :)


Harper had her dance recital at the end of May. I'm pretty sure it was the cutest thing I've ever seen in my life. They didn't allow videoing but we ordered a DVD and I can't wait to re-watch it again. A bunch of 2 and 3 year olds up on a stage half dancing and half looking around confused is quite entertaining.


she's on the far left
the finale

it was over THREE hours long...felt more like 5 with little kids

part of our group (mom, Jon & Ashleigh had already left)

my sweet ballerina


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