Independence Day

 It's become a 4th of July tradition for us to participate in the Teddy Bear Parade. It's a hidden treasure in our city because not many people know about it. It's put on by the historical one-room schoolhouse and there are probably only 30 or 40 kids that participate each year. Basically, the kids are the parade and decorate their bikes/wagons/scooters to be the "floats." They ride about a block or two and then the parade ends at the big festival our town has every year. We were planning to skip it this year since we had just gotten the girls, but Harrison was quick to remember it and was really excited to ride his bike and we didn't have the heart to tell him no. So we decided to give it a try and I'm glad we did. Everybody had a great time. Harrison won 2nd place and the girls won 3rd! Totally wasn't expecting that since we decorated 20 minutes before it started :) Harrison was so funny...when he got to the judges he had planned to sing the Star Spangled Banner to them but got stage fright. He told me, "I was feeling really shy so I just smiled instead. It's nice to let someone else win anyway." Ha!  He was so surprised when they called his name as one of the winners and grinned ear to ear.

We love going to the 4th of July festival. Everything is completely free. Hot dogs, snow cones, cotton candy, drinks, pony rides, petting zoo, balloon animals, patriotic music by the band/orchestra, bounce houses, etc. It's always a good time. And did I mention free?  ;)

I caught them being sweet

Harper wanted to go in the petting zoo but then quickly wanted off the ground

looking at the turtles and fish

Harper begged me to give her a patriotic mani/pedi. So fun.

Patiently waiting to ride the ponies

This kid LOVES animals. (Harper got cold feet)

We came home and played and got food ready to grill out.

I can never resist making some sort of flag dish
"Mom, take my picture with my 4th of July snowman!"

Tobias had to work but Rachel, Silas, & Zion came over to hang out and eat.

our "water park"
best friends

It started raining but we decided to try to watch the fireworks anyway. We weren't up for the crowds at the park where they were shooting them off, so we just parked at a nearby field and piled into the back of the van with the door up to keep dry. A perfect end to a great day.


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