Sleeping Beauty

Harper had a sleep study done at the end of May for suspected sleep apnea. I was a little worried about how it was all going to fly with her since we had to stay overnight in the hospital and I knew she would be hooked up to a few sensors.

"Few" ended up being quite the understatement!

But she did great. When the nurse was sticking all of them on and taping down the wires, she kept saying they were playing beauty shop and he was doing her makeup. :)

Clearly she maintained her silly sense of humor. She told me to send this picture to her dad:

She fussed a little when it was time to go to bed but not nearly as much as I was anticipating. I did a good job wearing her out that day and treated her to a big dinner, just the two of us. I know a full belly of Mexican food sure makes me sleepy.

She woke up several times crying but that is pretty typical for her normally. And now we know why. We followed up with her ENT to go over her test results and...EPIC FAIL. She had a total of 22 instances where she stopped breathing for longer than 10 seconds and her oxygen levels dipped lower than she likes to see. Based on the standard scale that doctors use to measure sleep apnea in children, surgery was strongly recommended for her.

So next month she will have her tonsils and adenoids removed. Because of her apnea and asthma, it can't be an outpatient procedure and instead it will require an overnight stay in the hospital so they can monitor her. Any kind of surgery makes me extremely nervous but the statistics are great that this will completely alleviate her sleep apnea issues and help prevent asthma complications while she's sleeping. And of course also provide a much better quality of sleep. I still can't believe I didn't correlate her terrible sleeping with apnea...three years later and maybe we can finally get her sleeping through the night!


Tienna said…
Oh wow! I didn't realize that there was a correlation between tonsils/adnoids and apnea/asthma. That's great news! And surgery is always scary, but she's got lots of prayer warriors around her, so she'll be fine. And it might just make for a happier mama if she starts sleeping better. ;)

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