Our house has been invaded with sickness again. Between the stomach flu that I've had for 2 days and Harper's possible uti (took her to the dr yesterday but couldn't get a sterile urine sample) we are not in the best shape. It feels like awful timing considering we are about to leave for vacation and I haven't been able to do a single thing to prepare for it yet, but I'd rather have it now than when we are in Mexico. Please pray that nobody else catches my germs and that I will recover SOON because I've been completely worthless. If I'm not doing better by this afternoon I'll be making a trip to urgent care for some meds and iv fluids.

I am feeling very thankful that Harper not only started showing more interest in tv in the last couple of days but also that she took a TWO HOUR nap yesterday. (Boy, I sound like a stellar mom right now, huh?!) Here they are fighting over the same chair even though there are 4 chairs to choose from. And in case you are wondering, my daughter did have pjs on but has learned how to strip herself down naked and I didn't have the energy to fight with her. Like I said, I need to get better SOON!


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