I have a lot to catch up on and I figured I'd work my way backward. Rick and I had an amazing trip. We didn't do much besides rest and relax, eat too much delicious food, and enjoy a few refreshing adult beverages. So in other words, it was PERFECT. It was so nice to only wear the "wife" hat for a few days. It's rare that we are able to devote 100% attention to each other and I am so grateful we had a weekend to do nothing but hang out with each other and reconnect.

I had to laugh because I got this text as we were sitting on the plane about to take off:

 It really doesn't sound that difficult to drop 2 kids off at preschool. You just park, walk them in, and that's it, right? HA! Not my two :)  We've been going twice a week since September and it's rare that I don't feel completely flustered by the time I get back to the car every single time. I felt a little bad for my unsuspecting mother but at the same time it felt good to know that I didn't have to be the one to look like I don't know how to control my children for a couple of days. :) 

Now onto the picture dump. We packed light (no checked bags -- that's a miracle for me) and I didn't even bring a camera, so the quality isn't the best since I just used my iphone. We stayed at the El Dorado Royale in the Riviera Maya and it was pretty much heaven on earth. Adult only, all-inclusive resort...we were upgraded to an ocean-front suite...all gourmet restaurants...hammocks and canopy beds and beach cabanas and lush landscaping and couples' massages...and of course that gorgeous turquoise water. Paradise.

View from our balcony!

Rick wanted to take this picture in honor of our friend JoJo.

In front of the waterfall right outside the lobby

These canopy lounge beds everywhere were one of the reasons we chose this resort.


I spent a lot of time parked on these beach palapa beds

A place to nap, read, look at the gorgeous ocean...and a beach waiter to bring any umbrella drink imaginable

One view

And another. It doesn't get much more relaxing.

Pools and lazy rivers everywhere

Some of the rooms have swim up patios

our room


jacuzzi tub with an ocean view

The resort is pretty large so one day we checked out a couple of bikes and took a little cruise to explore. I think it's the first time I've been on a bike in probably 5 years.

The last picture I took as the golf cart was taking us to the lobby to check out. It was bittersweet to be leaving!

I'm so thankful to my hubby for such an awesome 30th birthday present, especially since I know how hard it is for him to miss work. And to my mom & Tim for keeping our kiddos and spoiling them rotten while we were gone. I know I came back a much better wife/mom/person after having a couple of days to refuel!


Jocelyn said…
What a great trip! I'm so glad you had a fun (and relaxing) time.

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