Easter 2013

 I got back from my Canton trip the Saturday afternoon before Easter. There is nothing better than walking into a house and being greeted with such genuine excitement from your family. I got a taste of what Rick must feel coming home from work every day and boy it was good for my heart. I enjoyed my kid-free getaway but I was definitely ready to see them again.

Later that evening we headed up to our church to have Easter portraits taken. Let's just say that Harper was not very interested.

Who is this dude telling me to smile? I guess he didn't get the memo that I think strangers are the devil.

And let's also just say that Harrison, as usual, was totally hamming it up.

One kid that doesn't like to be serious and another kid who won't crack a smile doesn't really make for the "best" family picture...but if you ask me, I personally love the keepin' it real factor. :)

Easter morning began with the last day of the advent calendar and then their baskets and an egg hunt around the house.

It's amazing how much focus and attention they give me when they know they are about to get a jelly bean :)

And on a side note, Harrison kind of reinforced our hesitation to jump on board the Easter Bunny train -- when we were wrapping up our Easter advent calendar (which I seriously love, btw. It's a 3 in 1 calendar with a 12-day countdown for Christmas, Easter, & Thanksgiving. When I went to link it up I saw that it's on sale half off so if you are interested you should go check it out) one of the summary questions asked what the story of Easter was. He fired back how Jesus died on the cross and then rose from the grave and then asked us, so then what do chicks and bunny rabbits and eggs have to do with Easter? Ummm, good question, son. Ha! I didn't really know what to say so we just said something along the lines that celebrating what Jesus has done for us makes us happy...so we celebrate with fun things like chicks and bunnies and eggs and candy. Obviously I'm not really sure how to tie it all together just yet. I don't want to take all of the fun out of the holidays but I am still trying to find the right balance. To do the Easter Bunny or not to do the Easter Bunny: such an epic dilemma, right? Lol. Part of me wants to skip right over him and part of me wants to break out the baby powder and make bunny footprints all over the house. Clearly I am really decisive. :)

Then it was time for church. They were being so sweet and looking so cute. The kisses were plentiful.

sibling love
Brody & Harrison
If you can't tell, these two are buds :)

After church we went to my mom & step-dad's house for lunch.

Harrison set the table all by himself.
family pic
candy time!

Speaking of candy, my mom broke out the big guns this year. She bought each of them a chocolate bunny to eat after lunch and it was quite entertaining. I really should have video taped it because it was almost like a funny science experiment: how many seconds before Harrison gets completely cracked out on sugar? I'd guess about 20. :) He was strapped in to the high chair and we were all just sitting there laughing at the crazy things coming out of his mouth and how "delicately" he "nibbled" on his bunny. HA!

Harper was pretty entertaining, too. She isn't affected by sugar like her brother but it was hilarious to watch her get upset when her bunny's ear came off and face caved in. It was almost enough emotional trauma to stop her from consuming the chocolately goodness. Almost.

Then it was time to hunt for eggs.


After the hunt, we came back in and played.

While others napped. :)

When we got back to our house we did a little egg decorating.

And then we got cleaned up and piled onto the couch and watched what I am certain is the cheesiest, lowest-budget Easter movie that we found on Netflix. It included a dog dressed up as the Easter Bunny and a mystery about a stolen gem of some sort. But the kids liked it and the couch snuggles were worth it.

It was a great Easter.

Easter 2013


Such a beautiful family! I love the Easter egg's with their names. So very cute!!

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