Movie Monday

We don't have cable or watch much tv but one thing my kiddos have been loving lately is to watch YouTube videos. Harper cannot get enough of the ones with babies laughing and Harrison loves watching space shuttle launches and funny ones with pets. Last night I searched for my channel (where I upload videos of the kids so I can then delete them off my phone) and we had fun going back and watching some of our home videos. I thought in order to be more intentional about filming more and also more accountable to uploading them on my blog I'd start up a "Movie Monday" series. It may only happen one or two Mondays but hey, you gotta start somewhere right?

I feel like I haven't talked as much about Harper lately. I should probably write an entire post about her at almost 22 months but by the time I get it wrapped up she'll be 2 so I'll just wait until then. :) She is growing up fast and becoming a little chatter box of words. Somewhere over the last couple of months she has joined the pack of big kids instead of hanging back with her momma. When we go to Chick-fil-a or the park she holds her own on the playground. She is cautious around other people but when it comes to adventure she has no fear. She's my little book worm and we read probably no less than 30 books a day. She could not care less about tv or movies but boy does she love to look at books!

She is SUPER sweet probably 98% of the time but lately we are starting to see glimpses of the terrible two's emerging. That girl has a temper and some sass and Rick and I are clueless about how we're going to handle it. I don't know if it's a second child thing...or if it's a girl thing...or if it's just a personality thing...but I am finding it much harder to discipline her than her brother! With Harrison, he was (and still is) so stubborn and strong-willed and I remember starting time-outs at 15 months and spankings at probably 18 or 20 months when the time-outs became a joke. But with her? It's just a lot harder for some reason. I think maybe it's because she gets her feelings hurt so easily. Harrison will never admit defeat and acts like any punishment you give him is no big deal. But sometimes Harper's lip starts quivering at even the slightest "no". Oh boy, we are in trouble!

But we are realizing more and more that we've got to get a strategy in place. The temper tantrums are beginning and my sweet daughter morphs into a completely different child. This morning I was putting her shoes and socks back on in the car (she takes them off every.single.time along with her pig tails and bows) and for some reason me putting her shoes back on royally pissed her off. She screamed "NNNNOO! NNNNOOO!" and started hitting me. Then when I got her out of her seat she refused to stand up and continued her tantrum flopping around on the sidewalk. So I picked her up and she continued to scream at me and arch her back trying to get out of my arms. I'm sorry, who are you again???

So in light of all of this, I'm posting two videos today of my Jekyll and Hyde doll baby. :)

This is our sweet Harper that we've come to know and love. Happy and smiling and always willing to share. Even a cookie. With her brother. Now that's saying something about her character, am I right?

And this was taken a while back but kind of goes along with her temper tantrum from this morning. For some reason this girl just doesn't like socks. Ha!

Whether she's happy or mad she still brings such joy to my heart. Oh how I love this little girl!


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