Is it spring yet?

Every day this week Harrison has asked, Mommy, is it spring yet? He knows t-ball is right around the corner and he can hardly contain his excitement. It's funny because I told him that it's still winter but spring will be here soon and his response was but there's no snow anywhere and the grass is green so how can it be winter? Trying to explain seasons to a boy who only knows Houston climate is a little challenging. :)

But I have to say that we have been thoroughly enjoying our spring-like winter weather lately. After our family has spent the better part of 2013 battling pink eye and ear infections and the oh-so-fun stomach flu that wiped us out one by one, we were getting a little stir-crazy around here (especially a certain mama with expired patience). We have been thankful for the gorgeously sunny and warm afternoons that have allowed us to play in the backyard and ride bikes and take walks to the park. The fresh air has been medicine for us all.

I'm ready to go outside now. I know you said it's too cold and rainy but I put on a hat so suck it up!

Sitting in a laundry basket watching Cinderella for the 1000th time is getting kinda old...and because you've been camped out on the bathroom floor for the last 2 days is no excuse.

Did I mention we've been a little stir-crazy??

Harrison had lots of work to catch up on at his "worksite." He got busy with the construction of his "giant garage tower" and didn't have time to bother with a picture.

It's been so much fun taking him on bike rides. He hops right on and takes off. I'm really not even sure how he learned how to ride a bike because I don't think either one of us taught him. But he's a pro now and he will make sure you know it.

Look, Mom, no hands!

One day he was riding and saw a cat way ahead of us. I don't think the bike had even made it to a complete stop before he had jumped off and was headed towards it...that boy is such an animal lover.

"Hi, kitty! Come here, kitty! Kitty! Kitty! KITTY!

Mommy! A kitty! I love him so very much! Can he pretty please come live in our family?

Harper, however, didn't have the same warm and fuzzy reaction when she saw that ferocious monster of a feline.

Bubba! What are you DOING? Don't you know cats are related to lions and that lions EAT PEOPLE???

How do we back this thing on out of here?!

But after a few minutes of skeptical observation she shocked us all by leaning over and reaching for it! Maybe she's finally coming around? It's probably more likely that she was actually attempting to strangle the poor unsuspecting kitty.

She kept saying, "uh oh! no-no! GO!"

This year is so much easier than the last 3 in terms of playing outdoors. Now both of them are at ages where they can walk and play and I'm not having to worry about chasing a toddler while carrying a baby around. I have a feeling this is going to be a great spring and summer!


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