Scary week, and not just because of Halloween.

I am starting to really think my kids are conspiring against me to send me to an early grave.

So. Remember when I said that Harper has a hemangioma and I've been keeping a bandaid on it because she keeps trying to pick at it? WELL. Nobody stops Harper when she's on a mission. I put her down for a nap last week and when I went to get her up I walked in to find this:

(first, I feel the need to assure you that she was not in pain and was 100% totally okay despite what the following picture looks like. Just trying to prepare you!)

During her "nap" she obviously figured out how to get the bandaid off and scratched her little strawberry. She wasn't crying so I'm assuming it didn't hurt her but hemangiomas are vascular and bleed a lot, as if you can't tell. I'm not sure my heart has yet fully recovered from walking in and seeing my baby like this. I knew right away in my head what had happened and that it wasn't serious but it was still emotionally traumatizing. It looked like a scene out of CSI. Her sheets and bumpers and blanket were covered in blood and it was running down the spindles of her crib and dripping onto the carpet. And her poor lamb stuffed animal looked like it had been massacred. I got her cleaned up and spent the rest of the afternoon cleaning up her bed...and felt reeeeally weird googling "how to get blood stains out of sheets and carpet". Hopefully the FBI isn't trailing me now. Ha! 

As if that wasn't enough, Harrison decided he wanted to participate in the scaring-mommy-to-death shenanigans as well. That night I had a freezer meal swap with a group of friends. Rick tucked the kids in and then went to bed himself. When I got home our front door was wide open. Rick remembers checking all the locks before going to bed so we knew it had to have been Harrison. Sure enough, he admitted it the next morning. He had woken up and come into our room and when I wasn't in there he unlocked the front door and went outside to walk around looking for me. UM, NOT OKAY, BUDDY!!!! YOU ARE TWO!!! I have no idea how far he roamed or how long he was outside by himself but I am just sooooo thankful he came back in before he wandered too far or insert-other-scary-things-that-I-am-trying-really-hard-not-to-think-about.

Speaking of scared, remember when I said Harrison loves animals but Harper does not? Here is video proof of that fact. I crack up every time I watch it. Is that wrong? :) 

Other scary happenings include the way my children behaved on a trip to Walmart. I know what you're thinking and I agree. That's what I get for going to Walmart. Well believe me when I say that we definitely fit the stereotype...2 screaming children fighting with each other, one toddler refusing to sit in her seat but also not wanting to be held, another toddler being completely ornery and disobedient. The icing on top of the cake was when our 3-ring circus was in the checkout line and Harrison threw out a package of diced carrots and it busted open all over the floor. Yep, we were totally that family. But hey, at least we were at Walmart and not Target. :)  

Here are a couple of pictures I took right before The Dreaded Trip to Walmart. Would you just look at how sweet and innocent they look. That will teach me to take them for ice cream before shopping anywhere. Gotta save the good stuff for bribery and rewards because the whole they will act nice because they are thankful for a special treat strategy very much does not work on 1 and 2 year olds.


"Cheers to Harrison & Harper!"

And then there was the stomach bug that tore through our house with a vengeance. Luckily for you I didn't take pictures of any of that, being that I was completely worthless for 24 hours. Completely.

Moving on to some fun scary. Halloween! We took the kids to a fall festival at their school and then to a Halloween event at a local park.  Look at how cute my littles are in their costumes:

Her first ponytail. It may be teeny tiny, but it's a ponytail!

Of course the club immediately became a guitar :)

Pebbles and Bamm Bamm

Brody & Harrison (and no, I promise he's not naked:)

We carved and painted pumpkins yesterday afternoon. I'll let you guess which one is mine. Hint: it is not the scary looking freak with the prison tear-drop tattoo :) 


 I'm hoping this week is far less scary. Although I gotta say it's not starting off so hot since I got called 20 minutes after I dropped Harper off at school today. She started wheezing and gagged all over her teacher this morning. Poor baby (and poor teacher). Luckily for us she already had her 18-month well checkup scheduled this afternoon. Just her typical respiratory junk that she always has issues with and it's back to breathing treatments every 4 hours. Hopefully she'll be good as new by Wednesday or we might just have to change her Halloween costume to Darth Vader...'cause mama needs her candy. ;)

Luke, I am your father.


Garcia Family said…
Ha! Johnny saw the pic of Harper bleeding while I was reading and he thought that was her Halloween costume! He was like man them Boyds are gruesome with the kids costumes! LOL! Sounds like you guys need to activate the home security system with Harrison opening doors like that! Scary indeed!

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