I got on the computer to blog about our weekend of pumpkin patches and craft projects and realized I never published the post I was working on last weekend. Oops. So here it is...just pretend it's 7 days ago.


We decided sort of last minute to sneak away for the weekend and catch up on some much needed quality family time. We didn't get too fancy...just a quick trip to San Antonio and New Braunfels...we've learned that fancy and toddlers don't really mesh well together. Ha!

We left Friday and stopped by Rick's parents' house for a visit. It was good to see everybody and the kids all had a grand time playing, at least judging by the decibel level of their rowdy shenanigans. We are quickly becoming outnumbered by the Little People. There are 6 grandkids so Rick and I only get 33.3% of the blame. His brother and lovely (and obviously very fertile) wife are responsible for the other 66.6% of the increasing population of Boyd Babies. Although they are clearly crazy (FOUR KIDS, need I say more??), I do appreciate them supplying my children with such awesome cousins. I have great memories growing up with my cousins and I'm so glad my kids will get to experience life with theirs as well.

Friday night didn't go so hot. Harper spiked a fever right before we left so she wasn't feeling well. (If I have to guess I would say it's her ears. We'll find out tomorrow when we go visit our best friend the pediatrician.) Anyway, she fell asleep in my arms and I put her down with no issue. Harrison took a while to decompress from the night (read: he thrashed violently and wouldn't lie still or be quiet and was driving us completely nuts). We were all in the same guest bedroom. Harper was in the pack-n-play and we were sooooo lucky to have the Violent Thrasher in between us. He finally went to sleep around 11:30. A couple of hours later Harper was up and she. was. MAD. And not tired. Actually, she was very tired but refused to sleep. She decided to party from 1:30 until 5am. Nonstop party. Zero sleep. Nada. Now, there was a time in my life when I could have and would have gladly hung with her. But those days are lonnnnng gone. This mama needs her sleep now for sure!

Enter Saturday morning. Even with next to no sleep we were all in pretty good moods. I think the pancakes and bacon helped. Seriously, how can you go wrong with bacon? (Unless you eat it too fast and then vomit it back up like both my kids did at the breakfast table, ha!) We left the inlaws' house around 9:30 and headed to San Antonio. At first we considered doing Sea World or the Riverwalk but quickly decided to keep it simple and low key since Harper wasn't feeling great and we were all kind of running on fumes. And it couldn't have been a better decision. We all had such a fun time!

We started off at the Kiddie Park. What a fun little place. I'm sure one of the reasons I loved it so much is because I grew up going to the Kiddie Park in Bartlesville, Oklahoma every summer with my grandparents. It was really nostalgic to be at a similar place with my own kids! The park is small and wasn't crowded and the kids could ride every single ride there so we got our $$ worth. Especially considering we only paid $26. Definitely cheaper than Sea World.

You strap me into a ride that HE'S driving??

The boats were his favorite

You can tell she's not feeling well :(

firing away

In hindsight, it probably wasn't a good idea to take her on a spinning ride if it's her ears that are bothering her. Oops!

He had a special request for a rocket

You can tell that it was a special request :)

Her first face-painting experience...not a huge fan!

She's supposed to be a cat if you can't tell. Ha!

A trip to the carnival isn't complete without some cotton candy

What is this sugary deliciousness and why have you been holding out on me for so long?
It took approximately 12 seconds for them to devour it down to the cardboard. And then they tried to eat that as well.

After the Kiddie Park we decided to head north of San Antonio to the Natural Bridge Wildlife Park. They have a drive-thru animal safari and petting zoo. Something about "drive-thru" seemed really appealing :)

Harrison LOVES animals. He gets that trait from me. Harper, however, not so much!

"Hi funny goat. I'm Harrison. You are sooo beautiful! I love you sooo much!"

Get that filthy beast out of my sight.

Mommy! I get to brush them hug them and I just love them all so much!
Hi there, Harper! You mean don't want to go pet the goats?
I can't believe you are letting my brother endanger himself like this.
We stayed in New Braunfels Saturday night. We went to Gruene at ate at Gristmill on the river and then just walked around outside and listened to some live music. It's such a neat little town. Sunday we attempted to go to the outlets in San Marcos and made it into one store before we realized it was the worst idea ever. Ha! I don't understand why toddlers don't like to shop. We decided to call it a day and head back to Houston but before we left we had to get in some of this goodness:

Bueno, baby. Bueno. Now if they would just open one near me!

LOVE getting away with my family! (including certain 2 year olds that no longer nap...even on 5 hour road trips:)


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