Wednesday, September 12, 2012

My little big kids.

Harrison & Harper started preschool on Friday. It felt so strange to be packing two lunches and two backpacks. For some reason my heart doesn't register that my doll baby is not a baby anymore! But sadly, the proof is in the pictures:

Such a gentleman.

Off they go.

Look Mommy! We're big kids now!

Such a good big brother. He loves "his baby."

Seriously. When did she grow up on me?

Outta my way, Mom. I've got things to do!

Too cool for school

He accessorized his outfit with this big shiner on his forehead. Apparently 2-yr old boys think it's fun to dive headfirst onto hard metal objects.

Ready for school!

Next thing you know she'll be moving out.

It was really strange to be childless. I seriously got more errands taken care of in those few hours of free time than I normally do in an entire week! I was hesitant to put Harper in preschool this early because she's only 16 months and a big momma's girl, but I'm taking on more responsibilities with the business and need to devote some time to being at the office. I can't lie and say I'm not really excited about it. I LOVE being a mommy but I'm ready to have 6 glorious hours a week in the adult world where I get to use my brain for all those nerdy financial things that I spent 4 years going to college for. And ride in the car in silence. And finish complete thoughts. And pee alone!!!!!! Although it should be interesting to see how it is to work with a spouse...wish us luck :)

The first day went great. Both kids walked right into their classrooms and had no separation anxiety at all. Harrison told his teachers all kinds of stories about trucks and tractors. I about died laughing when they asked me if his great-grandma was a truck driver. Umm, huh?  Apparently he kept telling them all about his "mamaw's mom" (such a Harrisonism to describe a person in terms of their relationship to others) and how she has an HEB delivery truck at her house. He talks about this truck all the time and I finally learned that it is just a toy that she has at her house that obviously made quite an impression on him. Ha! And Harper? Harper had a GREAT time. Her teachers went on and on about how she rules the roost and smiles and all the time and is just so happy to be there. I never even thought about the fact that this is her first experience getting to play with kids without an older brother dominating and controlling the distribution of toys. She even took an HOUR nap there. Which made me completely jealous but also very glad that had fun playing until she wore herself out.

Speaking of naps, here are a few pictures of the nap mat I made for Harper. Again, I got sucked into the whole that-looks-so-easy-to-make-and-would-be-way-cheaper-if-I-did-it-myself projects I usually end up kicking myself for. I followed this tutorial with a couple of modifications. I think it turned out pretty cute and it wasn't really hard, but boy did it take some time. Especially when I could only work on it after the kids were in bed...let's just say that there were several wee-hours-of-the-night nights for me last week!

 But I had to make her one because I made one for her brother last year and everybody knows you have to do the same things for the second child as you did for the first. Because she totally cares if her nap mat is hand made by her mom. Totally.

Too bad he never actually took a nap on his. Ha!


Stephanie Houghton said...

They are so adorable! And OMG, I love the nap mat.

Jocelyn said...

They do look SO big (especially Harper.. but Harrison too with that haircut). I'm glad you're getting some adult time and that they both love school.

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