Oh, so *that's* why I can't breathe.

If you ever hear me say I'm just gonna run by the doctor's office and get a quick prescription for antibiotics so it'll be no problem just dragging my kids along, SLAP ME. Please. Tell me I'm an idiot and for the love of God, don't you dare let me do it!

It is 5:47 as I'm typing this from my phone and I'm still at the doctor. My appointment was at 3. Awesome, right? At 5 the doctor finally came in to tell me I had pneumonia and that I needed to stick around for observation* and breathing treatments. The kids thought it was funny that mommy had to wear the mask this time. And Harrison was super cute when he got concerned that I had to get a shot in my tushy. The nurse told me it was going to burn and he said, "but I don't want it to burn you, Mommy! Blow on it to cool it off!" Then the rest of the afternoon he kept asking if fire was going to come out of my butt. ha!

One plus: I didn't have to feed my kids dinner tonight considering they ate approximately 5 squeezy pouches and 2 boxes of crackers while sitting in their stroller for 3 hours.

*Apparently "observation" means leave the crazy lady in the room with the screaming children all alone because nobody so much as opened the door to peek in. Don't you just LOVE going to the doctor??


Tienna said…
Oh. My. Word. Pneumonia? Really? 3 hours at the Dr's office? Really really? What the eff is wrong with us? Dynamic duo strikes again!!

Jocelyn said…
This is such a hilarious (but actually, not funny at all) post.

I hope you're feeling better, both health and sanity wise!

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