Friday, August 10, 2012

Apparently they prefer classic rock to lullabies.

It was suspiciously quiet around here yesterday and I walked in to find them messing with the radio in Harper's room. There are very few things in our house that are "off limits" but electronic devices are one of those things. I'm pretty sure that I caught Harrison pressing buttons on it ten times every single day for the first 6 months we put it in Harper's room but he finally eventually lost interest. Just in time for Harper to discover it...which of course totally brought it back onto her brother's radar. :) 

They had no clue I was in there and they were being pretty funny so I took this video with my phone. I love how they are bickering at each other and then as soon as the music starts they go from being mad to happy in a heart beat. Ha! And a side note -- I have no idea how they managed to tune it to a classic rock station on their own. I seriously sometimes think that they are more technology-savvy than I am!

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