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It's been over 3 months now since Harrison turned 5, so I guess it's time I finally finish his birthday post. He already tells people that he's almost six, because when you are a child you just can't seem to grow up fast enough. I, on the other hand, have to resist the urge to kick him when he says it. Doesn't he know he's growing up too fast as it is?? I mean, come on.

At his 5 year well exam back in December, he weighed 39 lbs and was 42 1/2 inches tall (38th percentile for both). He's had a growth spurt since then and all of his pants are getting pretty short.

You wear 5T clothes and size 10 shoes.

We've done a birthday interview since you were 3. Here are your answers at age 5:

Favorite song: Radioactive
Favorite toy: my Star Wars toys
Favorite food: Brinner! You know, breakfast for dinner!
Favorite outfit:  all my Star Wars clothing
One food you don’t really like: carrots
Favorite book: Darth Vader and Son
Favorite movie: Star Wars. Number 2.
Favorite TV show: Star Wars
Favorite thing to do: snuggle with Mom
Favorite restaurant: Which Wich
Favorite singer: Daddy
Favorite memory: Um, when I had my cowboy birthday party
Favorite store: Toys R Us
Favorite game: Harrison vs. Daddy
What do you love to learn about: history
What was the best part about your birthday? playing on the playground with my friends
What was your favorite birthday present? My Star Wars sets
What does Daddy do for his job: a work job. I mean construction. At a machine shop.
What does Mommy do for her job: Takes care of me.
What is something Daddy says to you a lot? Go to your room, I'm going to give you a spanking!
What is something Mommy says to you a lot? I'm only going to say this one time, so you better listen!
What is something you say to us a lot? I don't want to!  

What is something that you like to do most with Mommy? snuggle
What is something that you like to do most with Daddy? Go to Bass Pro Shop
What is something that you are really good at? That's a hard one. I'm really good at everything.  

What do you what to be when you grow up? An army man.  
What is something that makes you happy? Getting stickers at school
What is something that makes you sad? Getting marks at school
What is something that makes you laugh? Daddy's tickles
What do you think about before you fall asleep? scary dreams. 
Who are your best friends? Daddy and Mommy and Sissy. And Joel, too.
The coolest person on earth is: Daddy
Who is your hero? Everybody in the world except bad guys.
How old are you? 5
How old is Mom? 21
How old is Dad? 4010.


So Harrison, what are you up to these days?

You are independent as ever. You are not a fan of being told what to do...or what not to do...or how to do it...or when to do it.  Your way is always the best as far as you're concerned. You can't wait to be a grown up so you don't have to ask permission for anything. This is one of my biggest frustrations and struggles with you. But it is also one of my favorite things about you as well. You are going to make a great leader one day.

You are such a musical kid. You are constantly singing, humming, tapping, drumming, you name it. You make up songs constantly and love to give us concerts. It is extremely fitting that even your heart makes music. You have a heart murmur called a Still's murmur. Your heart makes a very unique sound -- the murmur is identified by its "musical and vibratory" qualities. Don't worry though, it is benign and you'll most likely outgrow it.

Let's talk Star Wars. You. Are. Obsessed. You can name hundreds of characters and their corresponding aircraft. You love the movies, the tv show, the toys, the Legos, the clothes -- if it has Star Wars on it it's safe to say you love it. You will spend hours reading through your books and drawing your own scenes out.

You are officially a reader! I need to take a video of you reading through a book. You are still a beginner but I am so incredibly proud! I love watching you work to sound out words. You also like writing sentences out on your art scenes to make your own "books."

You are always right. Or so you think. Your favorite word is "Actually....". One day you're gonna learn that people don't love to get corrected all the time :) I can so see you being a lawyer one day because you, my son, love to argue and will do so until you are blue in the face. You also have some killer negotiation and persuasion skills.

You have such a dynamic personality. You are hilarious and entertaining. You are full of expression (as if you can't tell from these pictures). You are smart and love to figure out how things work. You have a big, kind heart. You are so incredibly loved and fill our hearts with joy! 

Five has been lots of fun so far!


Tienna said…
What is something that you are really good at? That's a hard one. I'm really good at everything.

BAHAHAHAHAHA!! This is hilarious and adorable and oh, so Harrison! I can't believe your baby boy is already "almost 6". How is this even possible?

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