Dear Harrison,

Today, you are five. A whole hand! Every single one of those fingers has been a joy and honor to experience, and I am certain that number five will be be a delight as well. Even so, the tears are welling as I type this. I can't help it. Your momma is sappy. We are approaching a new stage that is out of my comfort zone and sometimes I just want to freeze time and keep you my baby forever.

You came home from pre-k one day a few weeks ago and cheerfully announced that you now have a girlfriend. Your daddy asked you what you liked about her and you said you think she's pretty. But before my heart could completely shatter because my baby is growing up on me you added, but not as pretty as Mommy. Nobody's prettier than Mommy. Oh, Son, these days where I am your hero are so dear to me. I always joke that I don't want you growing any bigger and you tell me, I'll make you a deal. I'll keep growing bigger but I promise that I'll still be your baby even when I'm a grown up! You also tell me that you are going to have to move out one day but that you are only going to move next door. :)

I know you already know it, but BOY do I love you. You are the funniest, smartest, most kind-hearted young man I know. You are so full of expression. You keep us entertained constantly. And you sure do fill our hearts up. 

Thank you for making me a mommy a whole hand ago and thank you for challenging me to be a better person every day since. Happy 5 years to you, Hare-Bear.



Tienna said…
Girl, tears are welling up. In part because I now totally know how much you love him, but also because I love him too. And I can't believe he's 5!!

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