First Vacation as a Family of 6

Time for some pictures from our "vacation" to Oklahoma a few weeks ago. Anybody traveling with young kids fully understands why I put that in quotation marks. It was so good to see family and friends but it sure was exhausting for this momma!

Rick is such a good dad. He endured a lot on the 12 hour drive up...and all with a smile. Partly because he loves his kids but I suspect also partly because deep down he loves the Frozen soundtrack as much as they do.

We got to my grandparents' house in Bartlesville around dinner time and this is what the kids had to say about being cooped up in the van all day:

freeze tag!
After dinner at GG & Papa's we went to the Kiddie Park. This toddler amusement park has been around since my mom was a kid and I have great memories going there when I was little. It's always so nostalgic and fun to go back.

My Uncle Eddie used to spin and spin and spin me in this thing until I thought I was going to puke and I loved every second of it. Harrison and the twins loved it too; Harper...not so much. Ha!

Another example of how Harrison & Lily have such similar personalities. They both wanted to ride together and excitedly picked out a horse and climbed on up with huge grins.

But things started heading south when they realized there were 2 people and only 1 set of reins.

I was laughing so hard I had tears. They were griping, tugging, pushing, throwing elbows, and even putting each other in headlocks over it...meanwhile Harper & Violet were sitting back happily enjoying their ride. :)

Of course we had to ride the train and scream as loud as we could in the tunnel.

We got the kids snow cones and cotton candy since they weren't crazy enough after being up since 5am and stuck in a car all day ;)

When we got to this ride Harper ran straight for the car she rode in last year. She did not forget about that pink car.

July 2014

July 2013

I took about 1000 pictures trying to get just 1 good group picture. It is what it is.

Day 2 we headed to Stillwater where I was born and raised. We took the scenic route and stopped by the house that my other grandparents' used to live in when I was little. I have so many fond memories of that place with my cousins.

When we got to Stillwater we met my dad at a park for a picnic lunch and a little spontaneous hiking at the creek.

Next we headed to our hotel for some swimming and visiting. My grandpa and his wife came by and then we all went to dinner. Mazzios...yum!

We were a little nervous about how the girls would do staying in a hotel since it took us 2 weeks to get them used to our house and they are very sensitive to change, but they did great. It really helped that we stayed in a suite that had a separate bedroom and living room.

Tienna & Tony came over to hang out and it is always so good to see them!! Plus, I got to rub her pregnant belly so double bonus! It really is hard to believe that Rick and Tony aren't childhood friends as well because they act like they've known each other their whole lives. 

here they are comparing pictures on their phones like old geezers

The next morning Tienna picked me up and we headed to get pedicures. I brought Harper along and she loved it.

That afternoon was Tienna's baby shower. I have been faithfully praying for her to have the opportunity to have a baby shower for years and there was no way I was going to miss it! It was an adorable shower. I'm sad I didn't get any pictures of the decorations or activities (and she still hasn't posted them anywhere for me to steal, ahem). Jessica did a great job. I seriously don't know how she did it considering she had just had a newborn weeks before. The only thing she delegated to me was to make and send the invitations and to bring some fun cards for guests to fill out. It was very family friendly and we all had a ton of fun. I still can't believe their little girl will be here in a few weeks!

Tienna -- this picture is for you. Harrison drew this on the kid table and was telling me all about it. Tony is on the left, you are on the right (not sure why you look like a dog, but whatever), and your baby is in the middle. Right as I was praising him for drawing such a sweet family portrait, he went on to explain that the other part he drew is really huge tornado that swept you all away forever. ::insert his evil laugh here::  Nice, right?? That kid.

I've known this pretty momma for over 20 years. I can't wait to meet her little (big) peanut and see her finally get to experience motherhood. She is going to be GREAT at it.

It was a short visit and on Day 4 it was already time to head home. This kid got in one more round of basketball at our hotel before loading up in the van.

We stopped by Arbuckle Wilderness on the way home. It's a drive-thru animal safari with a petting zoo. We skipped the petting zoo part this time but the kids enjoyed feeding the animals from the van.

Or at least 3 of them did. Ha!

you seriously expect me to put my hand out the window with THAT thing out there??

She didn't leave my lap and instead gave condescending stares
I so wish I could share the picture of Lily I took just as this funny looking dude sneezed all over her face. It was pretty priceless.

And then we had to make one last stop at Braums before leaving their territory.

Harper loving on her sister

Even though it was a fast and exhausting trip, it went extremely well considering we were traveling for the first time with the twins and exposing them to a bunch of new places and people. But most of all, it was so good to hug the necks of family and friends I don't get to see nearly enough.


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