Lately my attitude has not really been one of thankfulness. There are a million reasons to try to justify it. My kids are at tough stages right now. I am paying out the wazoo in medical bills and still don't know what's "wrong" with me. I've just been in a bit of a funk lately and haven't been choosing joy like I should...and it's really such a terrible attitude to have. Of course I am exceedingly grateful for all of the multitude of blessings in my life. And now I need my attitude and actions to get on board and reflect it. I have FAR too many things to be thankful for than to overshadow all of it with blah-ness.

I should point out that I'm not the only one in a bad mood lately:

So last week in an effort to snap out of my funk I plunged full speed ahead into all things Christmas. Oh yes. I am totally one of those obnoxious people who can't get enough of the seasonal cheer. I have approximately 1.2 million Christmas music CDs in my collection. I actually enjoy driving around looking at Christmas lights. I get the fireplace going and drink hot cocoa even when it's 80 degrees outside (like today). And this year I have an added bonus: 2 kids that are as excited about all of it as I am!!! As soon as we get in the car Harrison asks for Christmas music and then they both start clapping and dancing when it comes on. FINALLY -- after enduring 12 years living with scrooge I have other people around who share my same cheesy sentiment as I do...and it is fantastic! :)

But before I skip right over Thanksgiving here on my blog, here are some pictures of how we celebrated:

Trip to the zoo with cousins on Wednesday

two of my favorite ladies

tickles from great-gramps

Addison and Julian

Is that a cookie in your mouth, honey? :)

Slaving away in the kitchen

flying a rocket on Uncle Steve

Cousin Zoe!

Lots of playing on phones

snacking and conversating


Park time!

Running off all that food

He takes his football quite seriously.

love that goofy girl!

Full of kisses to share

Most of my family lives out of town so it is always great to see them and catch up. And a true testament of my love for my family? I gave up watching Kenny perform at half time to go play at the park with them. Now THAT is love, people. :)


Tienna said…
I am embracing Christmas a little extra this year myself. Haha! And it definitely does help with a bad attitude. :)

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