End of year, but I'm not talking December.

I've had a considerable amount of free time over the last few days. Rick's parents came up over the weekend and forced me against my will  twisted my arm  talked me into  kindly offered to take the kids back with them for a few days so they could visit and play out in the country. Those control issues that feed my anxiety crept right on in at first. I buckled them into their car seats and said a quick prayer over them and the bolted inside before anybody could see me crying. The first day was challenging because a quiet house is way too unfamiliar for my comfort. But then Rick and I went out to dinner (without kids!!!) and had a couple of adult beverages (without kids!!!) and thoroughly enjoyed our time alone together (without kids!!!). And then the next day I got a bajillion projects done. I'm not even kidding. So while I miss my little munchkins like you wouldn't believe, I have taken complete advantage of the perks of being in a child-free zone and have gotten so much accomplished. It's quite energizing. But I still can't wait to see their faces and hug their necks on Wednesday! This is the longest I've ever been away from them.

Anywho, some of that productiveness means that I am finally wrapping up some of those draft posts that are lingering out there waiting for attention. I think in order to spread them out I'll just schedule them to post throughout the next week or so. So please humor me while I update you on what we were doing...oh, let's say...7 months ago. Totally relevant. Please contain your excitement!

Here are pictures from Harrison's end of year program at PeeWee School. His class were lions. They sang a cute little song and danced and roared. And by "they" I mean most everyone except Harrison. Poor kid had a little stage fright.

How about instead of singing I stand here and stare blankly into the audience.

he livened up once he was back off the stage.

His teachers last year

Beda came to cheer him on

After the show, we treated him to dinner at his then-favorite restaurant, Mamacita's. His current favorite restaurant is Whataburger. His taste is clearly becoming more refined and sophisticated with time.

Look how tiny my baby was.

Beda & Pappy surprised him with a gift...

A new cowboy hat!

He kindly offered his old "cowboy hat" to his daddy. He's sweet like that.

The last day of PeeWee School was a water day. He loved it. What I didn't love? Having to climb up the giant inflatable slide in my clothes to get him when he refused to come down.

Here are pictures from the end of year picnic:

Inhaling a s'more. But can you blame him?

Making a bird feeder

fishing for a prize

Harrison saw the musical entertainment and became best friends
The poster I stayed up way too late making as part of my room mom duties. I bet you can't say that you've made a 3D poster with birds on it, am I right? That's going on my resume, folks.

The end.


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