Summer Fun

Summer has been strange for me this year.  It's flying by (how is it a week into July already?) but I gotta admit that while I'm doing my best to keep us busy, some days are feeling reeeeeally long! I kind of went a little overboard filling up my calendar with activities for us to do and am feeling a little burned out trying to drag them all over the place to do "fun" things. But hanging out at the house drives us all a little nuts so we are definitely still trying to find the right balance. Here's what we've been up to lately (or at least what I managed to take pictures of).

My favorite 16 year old came to visit for a few days. I so love having her around.

She was a trooper helping out with the kids. We went to the beach to see more family who was visiting, we swam, we hung out, we ate a lot of junk food, we had a girl's night at the movies, and we shopped. Note to self: a good way to feel really old and unfashionable is to go shopping with a cute teenager. I lost her in Forever 21 and tried to browse around, but I feel so overwhelmed in that store. Especially with 2 kids in tow. But at least they are 2 adorable kids, and the miracle of all miracles occurred while we were there so of course I quickly got out my phone to capture this rare moment in history:

We've gone to the library a few times. Harrison is to an age where he is really loving reading and thinks he's such a big boy checking out books. One day they had a petting zoo there and both got a kick out of seeing all the animals up close.


Every Thursday my friend Brandy and I get the boys together to do something fun. Harrison and Brody were in the same class at PeeWee School so they are pretty good buds. We've gone to the zoo, swimming, Little Gym, and to Jump 'n Jungle so far.

Hollyn kept Harper company at the zoo. They've gotten some lil' bestie time in as well this summer.

Sadly, the chairs in the above picture have since been removed from the play room. My darling daughter seems to think that even though she still refuses to walk, she is fully capable of adventure climbing. Which leads us to the next picture:

She's trying to get us in trouble with CPS...

She loves to climb onto chairs and stand on them and rock them back and forth and laugh. I'm not lying when I say I believe she will be the death of me. My poor heart can only stop and go so many times. I was putting up groceries and looked in to check on her and saw it happen in slow motion...the rocking...the devious laugh...the tipping of the chair...and then the face plant into the floor. I picked her up and calmed her down, and then she vomited about 6 gallons of puke all over me. Which promptly landed us in the emergency room, but I'm very thankful to report that she did not have a concussion and most likely just knocked the wind out of her, which in turn knocked the meal(s) out of her.

Speaking of emergency rooms, exactly one week later it was my turn. We were all swimming over at Mom & Tim's house when Rick threw me up and into the water and I felt a painful pop in my ear when I went under. I came up and sat out for about an hour and finally decided that maybe if  I could get the water out of my ear it would feel better. Enter the rubbing alcohol. Enter the dropping to the floor screaming and crying like a little baby. I seriously think it was the worst pain I've felt in my entire life, including child birth. I felt it run up my sinus cavity and down my throat and I lost hearing for about 3 days in my left ear. Turns out it wasn't just water in my ear and instead my ear drum ruptured when I hit the water just right.

Friendly PSA: Do not, I repeat, DO NOT, put rubbing alcohol in your ear if there is even a remote chance you could have a ruptured ear drum.

The doctor at urgent care gave me some antibiotics. Here's a picture of the bottle:

A perforated eardrum AND possible diarrhea for weeks to months? SWEET!


We've also been hanging out with Harrison's BFF a lot. I constantly hear Can Zion come over? I wanna play with Zion. Can we go to Zion's house? Is Zion going to be there? I love Zion! And then when they get together, they hug like they haven't seen each other in ages and promptly start fighting over toys and wrestling each other to the ground and crying and tattling and pointing fingers. And then when it's time to part ways they cry and hug and don't want to go. They are seriously like brothers or something!

painting with friends

At swim lessons
He graduated...even though he still screams at the mention of going under the water. Ha!

There's more...but since this is already a novel I'll save it for next time. Hope you are having a great summer so far!


Tracye said…
OUCH!!! For you and Harper!

How did I not hear about that???

Hopefully the rest of the summer passes painlessly and injury-free!!!

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