The little things that make this stage so fun.

Over the last few months I've been trying to be more intentional at jotting down some of the funny things the kids do or say in my planner. They crack me up daily and sadly I know I won't remember the details down the road so I want to document the moments while I can. Oh how I sometimes wish I could freeze them at this age forever! (And sometimes, not so much. Ha!) Anyway, I was flipping through my planner the other day and wanted to transfer some of it to the blog. Most of it has been funny things Harrison says since Harper can't talk yet. (Although she still manages to make us laugh without words; that girl is a hoot just like her brother!)

March 2012
-Harper started doing "praying hands" before we bless the food

-Things out of the mouth of The Toddler:

"Simmer down, Mommy!"

"I'm a busy guy!"

"You HEAR me?!?!" (accompanied by a mean I hope that's not what I look like when I apparently say this to him way more than I realized)

"We have to hurry?" (he says this almost every time we are leaving the house...hmmm, wonder if I tell him to hurry a lot? Like everytime we are going somewhere? Because we are always running late? Nah :)

"Who's there?"
"Harrison who?"
"Harrison, GO TO TIME OUT!"

"Who's there?"
"Momma who?"
"Mamacitas!" (his favorite restaurant)

April 2012
-Harper started saying "Bubba"

-Things out of the mouth of The Toddler:

"Dear God, thank you for my food, and my commandments, and trash trucks, and quesadillas. Amen!"

"Momma, I'll always be your baby, do you know that?"

"Harrison, do you want an orange?"
"No, I'm good."

"WHAT THE HECK?!" (when his block tower collapsed)

"My turn!" (as he climbed up into my lap)
"For what?"
"For your boobies."  (HAHAHA! I had just gotten done nursing his sister. This one's gonna be some good leverage down the line, I have a feeling :)

"Who is Blue's Clue's Daddy?"
"I don't remember, honey."
"His name is Steve! He has a belt. I don't like it." (he is very opinionated about fashion)

May 2012
- I told Harrison to put his toys in the chest and he stuffed them down his shirt :)

"Bye-bye water! See you tomorrow!" (watching the water drain out of the tub)

"Toy Story 1 will make me feel better."
"It will?"
"Well then what will make you feel better, Sweetie?"
"If you kiss me." (Cue the melting of this mama's heart)
"Aww! Well I'm blowing you kisses, can you catch them?" (we were in the car)
"No. I'm too sick."

June 2012
- Harper learned how to say "Go" after a week of dogsitting. :)

- I was taking a shower and in walks Harrison.
"Mommy, I don't want your shirt off with your boobies outside. Get dressed."  (such an ego-boost, let me tell ya!)

-After church we always ask Harrison what he learned. I love that he is already absorbing lessons and love to hear his version of them. Here are a couple of his answers:
"There was a big storm, and a tornado, and Jesus stopped it!" (Jesus calmed the storm)
"How to protect our bodies with a shield." (God's armor)

-We were in a restaurant and Rick asked Harrison for his hands so he could wipe them down. Harrison bent over and said, "Wipe my butt, too, Daddy! It's dirty!" (nice, right?!)

-I walked in and caught a certain naked little boy the dog's water bowl. :/

-I found a wet diaper in his bed and couldn't figure out how it got there. Then I realized he had grabbed a pull up out of his back pack and changed his own diaper during nap time. I'm thinking I may just stick with this strategy since potty training has been kind of frustrating...

-Harrison: "Why are you coloring your footnails, Mommy?" (painting my toenails)

-Harrison (from next room): "Did you hear me fart?! I tooted!!! I farted just like my Daddy does!!!" (and the gross boy-humor begins)

Other common Harrisonisms off the top of my head:
Hopplecopter (helicopter)
Moglecycle (motorcycle) This word almost always goes hand in hand with "dangerous". I've taught him well! :)
Punana Bed (Panera Bread)
Tic o pay (Chick-fil-a)
Poojammies (pajamas)
Mc of Donalds (McDonalds)
Poogetti (spaghetti)

I love these two kids with all of my heart! So blessed to be their momma and share my days with them.


Tracye said…

I'm glad you're writing it down! I need to get better at that.

Don't you just love when they say/do something we do (that we're maybe not so proud of)? It's like they're holding an unflattering mirror up to us.

You're blessed to be their momma; I'm blessed to be their aunt! Would love to see them both more often, though!

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