Here we go again...

I *will* get this blog caught up. It will eventually happen if I keep saying that over and over, right? Wait, it doesn't work that way? I have to actually get on the computer? Uh-oh.

I am still determined to make it happen. I have drafts going back to spring break. Actually, I have drafts going back to Harrison turning two...and that, my friends, is pretty sad. Keeping everything updated might be a little easier if we could catch a break from all this sickness. Harper goes an average of a week in between her 2-week-long episodes, which has made us pretty chummy with our pediatrician. I like the guy and all, but I could stand to spread out our visits a little, if you know what I mean. I'm sure he's starting to think we're stalking him at this rate. Ha!

She woke up this morning with a runny nose and eye which is always the first symptom before all the respiratory junk kicks in. She's only been off her meds for 3 days since her last bout. Ugh. Poor girl...I was really hoping she'd be happy and healthy for her birthday next week. (yes, NEXT WEEK. Can you even begin to believe that????)

I keep telling myself that eventually she will grow out of all of this yuckiness. We are all very, very, very ready for that day. And until then it looks like most of my blogging will take place with one hand from my phone while rocking my fussy, snotty, sweetie pie doll baby.


Tracye said…
You need to buy Lysol in bulk... and spray every thing and person in your house! Sickness be gone!

That sucks, though.

In my (limited) experience, they do grow out of it. Christian and Cullen both were that way, but they're fine now. Christian is still on daily medication, but Cullen isn't. She took years longer to get over it than he did, but then again, she always had it worse, and more often than he did.

I really hope she's well for her birthday. I can't believe it's already here! I don't think we'll be able to make it, since I'll be 34 weeks. A 3 hour car trip probably isn't the best thing for me now.

Keep your chin up! It will get better!!!

Give my sweet niece and nephew hugs and kisses from all of us. We miss you all.

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