I am tired but find it impossible to fall asleep until I hear the comforting sound of the garage door opening telling me that my sweetie made it home safely. My brain is pretty mushy and I don't really have anything cohesive to contribute tonight. Plus, there is a good chance I am high on paint fumes so instead of writing about anything that requires thought or effort I'll just throw some random blurbs along with a bunch of pictures!

-I don't huff paint, in case you were wondering. We are having our house repainted and I am super duper excited to get rid of our "tuscan" color scheme gone wrong...or what I like to call School Bus Yellow. We drove all over town getting paint samples. We analyzed. We scrutinized. We chose a color. We had second thoughts. We drove all over town getting more paint samples. We over-analyzed a bunch more. And then we went back to our original choice. It's crazy to me how different the little paint chips look on the wall; on paper the colors look way more similar. We ended up going with the second row, farthest to the right square, otherwise known as Shaker Beige. The second coat is going up tomorrow but I already love it. Feels like a totally different house and I'm happily embracing the change.

-I think Harrison has an imaginary friend. He's been talking about "Mimi" a ton lately and I have no idea who this person is. He just says all this random stuff about her and then laughs, and sometimes it seems like he's talking TO her. I don't have any experience with imaginary friends so I thought it was really strange. But apparently it's pretty common? I sure hope so...I don't want my child to become that kid, if you know what I mean. :)

-I just realized the other day that my body has been sustaining the life of another human being for over 3 years straight without a single break in between. I got pregnant with Harrison in February 2009, nursed him until I found out I was pregnant with Harper, had her in May 2011, and am still nursing her. No wonder my poor body looks and feels as bad as it does, sheesh! And I still can't believe Harper is now older than Harrison was when I got pregnant with her. It seems like so long ago that he was that little.

Harrison, 9 months

-When I went back to my blog archives just now to get the above picture of Harrison, I saw an entire post dedicated to a plate of nachos. I had to laugh because I wrote it the week before finding out I was pregnant with Harper. The week before I found out I was pregnant with Harrison I distinctly remember a shameful encounter with a block of cheese. I was putting groceries up when all of the sudden I couldn't contain my need to devour some of the cheddar deliciousness. I ripped open the package and just started chomping it straight off the block...apparently my fetuses (feti?) have a strong love for cheese. I have no idea where they get that from.

-Harper has dragon talons for fingernails and she is brutal with them. If you get within her reach you can pretty much expect to have chunks of your skin ripped off. She doesn't discriminate though -- the poor child attacks herself as well. She does it mostly when she's really tired. I've gone in to check on her to find her face and ears and sheets bloody...if that's not fighting sleep I don't know what is!

-Speaking of fighting sleep -- her strong protest of naps is no secret. She sits in there and cries and it is so pitiful. Apparently it's pretty exhausting as well because I have caught her 3 times now within the last week where she's fallen asleep sitting up. Talk about one stubborn little girl. Cute, but stubborn!

-Harrison told his very first knock-knock joke recently. I think the humor was lost on him but boy did I get a good chuckle. I'm thinking he may have heard the punchline a few times in his life? Just maybe?

H: Knock-knock.
Me: Who's there?
H: Harrison.
Me: Harrison who?
H: Harrison, go to time out!

-Harrison likes spaghetti. Well, to be more accurate, Harrison likes spaghetti 50% of the time. But he really liked it the other night. It didn't take us long to figure out that Harper likes spaghetti, too. And I know it will be hard but please don't be jealous of my fine china.

-Sickness lingers :(

-But we've taken a couple breaks from house arrest to venture down to the park for some fresh air. Oh how I love spring days!

-Garage door is opening as I type. Good night!


Tracye said…
I liked your color scheme... but I like the new color, too.

Cute pictures... I can't believe Harper's first birthday is coming up so soon!
Jocelyn said…
Paint colors are SO hard to pick! I think Scott is going to paint a wall in our front room (also known as Eli's playroom) for my birthday, so I need to pick that color out ASAP!

Please post more pictures when the painting is done! I love home redecorating stuff.

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