Dear Hadley,

Well, baby girl, the days keep on passing and here we are on your second birthday already. These past 2 years hold the dearest moments in my heart. Before you were born I was nervous how the dynamic was going to shift going from 2 kids to 3. And now I can’t imagine anything else. You joined the family and didn’t skip a beat showing everyone who is boss. You light up our lives with your spunk and are the perfect combination of sweet and spicy. You are fiercely independent but are also a true momma’s girl. I pray I never forget the way it feels when you reach for my hand when we’re walking...and climb in my lap asking to watch Mickey...and give the best baby hugs and open-mouth smooches. 

Happiest birthdays to you, my sweet Haddie Lou. I love you bigger than big. 

Love always,



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