Dear Harper,

You are six today! It is hard to believe it's been this many years since you made your surprise and dramatic entrance into the world. I will never forget the joy that filled my heart in that first glimpse I got of you in that operating room. And you have brought us joy every single day since.

When I think about you at this age there are many things I want to hold on to forever. I wish I could press the pause button and soak it all in so I don't forget you at this stage in your childhood. You are one of the kindest people I know. You are soft spoken and quiet but also have a wild side around those that you know well and you have the best belly laugh. You are tender hearted and compassionate. You are a little mother hen and take the best care of your baby sister. You have a green thumb and love planting flowers and plants and always remember to water them. You are such a girly girl and would wear a frilly dress every day if you could, but you also love to run around barefoot and get dirty outside. You appreciate the beauty in everything around you. You love anything and everything "fancy." You spend hours having tea parties in your room and spreading out doilies everywhere for your guests. You love to design gowns in your sketchbook and are a talented little artist. You are very observant for a six year old and always notice people's jewelry and clothes and shoes. Yet while you love and appreciate all things fancy, you are also content with what you have and are satisfied by the simple things in life. I hope this never changes.

Harpie Harp, we sure do love you to a million little pieces. Our family would not be the same without you, there is no doubt about that. I am so thankful for every day that God gives me with you and that I have the privilege of being your mama.

Love you BIG, baby girl!



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