It's been a whirlwind of a week. We had a showing on Thursday, an offer on Friday, we negotiated and accepted on Monday, and signed the papers on Tuesday! It is such a relief to have our house sold. Especially before it was even officially listed on the market. No more keeping it immaculately clean all the time (HAHAHAHAHA) or having to pack up everyone and the dog for showings. And the best part? The buyer is going to lease it back to us until our new house is done!!!! I am so, so thankful that things seem to be falling into place.

The cherry on top is that we sold it to a friend of a friend. When Harper's teacher learned that we were moving, she asked me to send her pictures because another teacher at their school has been looking to move in our area. She had been looking for a long time but hadn't found the perfect house for them until they came to see ours. She is a first grade teacher at our kids' school and has two of her own kids, a boy and a girl. It makes my heart happy knowing that they will love our home like we have. That probably sounds silly but it really does give me peace.

I'm going to miss this house. We've lived here for a decade. It was our first home and the place we welcomed each of our kiddos home to. We've watched the trees grow as we've watched our kids grow. They all took their first steps on its floors. We've enjoyed countless evenings playing in the backyard, listening to laughter and watching the sun set. I am looking forward to more space and new memories in our next home, but this little house will always be special to our family and hold a fond place in my heart.

I'm posting the pictures that our realtor had taken because when I look back I want to know that it was perfectly clean for at least part of one day of the 10 years we lived here :)

Harrison told me he went up to the teacher yesterday and gave her a big hug and asked her if he can come over and visit from time to time. :) He is so excited about our new house but has also shed a few tears about the idea of change and having to leave our old house behind. The bigs are young but I hope they do end up with some memories in this home.


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