Friday, December 2, 2016



You are 7 years old today. Happy birthday, bubba! Time insists on marching on and you keep getting older and taller, but I have to say that I think you as a big kid is my favorite stage so far. I think my mama heart will always miss your baby and toddler years -- they were so special and I am typing through teary eyes as I remember them fondly. But I sure am enjoying the heck out of you as you continue to grow and mature. You are smart, witty, kind, and a giant ball of energy that keeps us all shaking our heads and laughing every day.

We recently started journaling back and forth to each other and it is the BEST. After you've written in it you are so eager to hide it under my pillow, and I'm just as eager to read what you've written me and to respond. I know one day you will be too cool to do this fun activity with your mom so I am savoring the time I still have with you where you think I am a total rock star. I think you are pretty amazing, too. This world would sure be boring without you in it.

Happy birthday, sweet boy. I can't wait to celebrate you and the day you made me a mommy. Love you BIG!

Love always,

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