Tuesday, August 16, 2016

baby food challenge

So, this happened last week. I will admit that it wasn't my finest parenting moment, but I just could. not. resist. Oh, the laughter. And tears. From both of us. Or maybe just tears from both of us and laughter from one of us. Either way, it was totally worth it! Or at least until it backfired...all over my freshly mopped floors.

In my defense, I never in a million years thought he'd actually do it. This is a kid who gags weekly at the dinner table at just the thought of eating certain foods. Normal foods. That he's eaten thousands of times with no issue in the past. Oh, this kid. He is a riot. (Disclaimer: In the moment of the food battles I might not exactly be thinking it's funny...)

And now I'm pretty sure I may have dug the Food Battle Hole a little deeper with this stunt. I betrayed his trust and manipulated him with his kryptonite. But boy did he enjoy that bag of candy ;)

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