Saturday, May 28, 2016

6 months

Hadley turned 6 months old back on May 3 (which was also Harper's birthday)!

At her 6-month well visit she weighed 17 1bs, 13 oz (90th %) and was 26 inches long (50th %). She is a big girl!

She is wearing mostly 6-9 month clothes but they are getting snug.

She is wearing size 3 diapers.

So, Hadley, what have you been up to this month (last month)?

You started sitting up all by yourself a few days after you turned 5 months. But we missed the window of you being content sitting in one spot because you started army crawling all over the house before you started sitting. You are one active baby and love to explore. Which is also why we have since bought a "play yard"...not to be confused with "baby jail."

"I see your blanket and I laugh at it"

I came out of the bathroom and she was not where I left her...

You love baths. You may be baby #3, but you get a bath every single day. In fact, many days you get 2 or 3 because babies just shouldn't smell rancid. It's not right. You moved out of the whale tub now that you are sitting up but you still splash away like crazy.

You outgrew your rock n play. We let you stay in it too long and one day you almost flipped it completely over. I attempted to transition you to your crib, but since you have started waking up a couple times a night that wasn't working since it was waking up Harper. So we moved you into your pack n play in our bedroom. You always start out in there but then end up in our bed before the night is over. Sigh. Not the best sleeping habit to start but between night nursing and being a sucker for those baby snuggles, I always seem to surrender.

Naps have been tricky this month. Some days you take a good one and other days you get by with only a 30 minute cat nap all day. But even without a good routine and nap schedule down you are still generally a very happy and content baby and go with the flow.

Why would I want to sleep and miss out on all the fun??

Nursing is still going well. You feed about every 3-4 hours but are starting to stretch them out. You are a distracted eater and so busy and active that if there is any noise you practically dive out of my arms to check it out. You don't want to miss out on any action.

thanks for the snack, mom. gotta run!

You also had your first taste of solid food. I wasn't very eager to start solids but the week you turned 6 months old we gave it a shot just to see what you thought. I mashed up a banana and you were less than thrilled. Ha!

A few days later we tried carrots. You weren't very interested but still ate most of them, but then spent the next 30 minutes spitting them up all over yourself and me and the rug. So that was fun. :/ And that is when I decided that we are still in no rush to jump on the baby food train.


Yep, your reflux is still going strong. And you think it's hilarious. One of your favorite pastimes is to play in it and smear it all over the are a little picasa in training and it's absolutely disgusting. But then you look up and laugh and somehow it's also cute?? Oh my, how motherhood changes your heart. And can I also add how thankful I am that we had hardwood floors put in?

You are very engaging and love attention. You smile all day long and ham it up for anybody who looks your direction. You are curious and love to explore and get into things. You also love playing with your toys and bouncing in your jumperoo.

Hadley, we love you bunches. I can't believe we're halfway through your first year already. What a joy it has been!

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